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« Hello everyone, you did a project in webdev 21, but both locally and on the server as you make any operation, comes the error in question, then disappears after 3 seconds ... how c… »
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« Hi Following situation: I have a form the user fills out and before print I want to check if a certain field is empty and remind the user he has to fill it out or can leave it and… »
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« Hello, using WebDev 20, how is possible to display messages (change the value of an RTA element or textbox), while a server procedure is running? The updated information comes fr… »
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« Following function is not working in Chrome but in IE / Scroll to a Position FUNCTION ScrollToAnime(nPosition){ $('html, body').animate({scrollTop:nPosition}, 'slow'); } the func… »
Started on Jan. 14 2017 by
« I wanted to evaluate the WinDevMobile. Installed demo but could not get it to work. Any ideas if it is working and what are the limitations ? PS> any business type demo apps I … »
Started on Jan. 12 2017 by
« Is there any DEMO version available for testing ?… »
Started on Jan. 12 2017 by
« Procedure ws_conexao_sucesso(Tabela) Resultado is string = "" Resultado += "<Xml><Retorno>" Resultado += "<"+ Tabela +" id="+Charact(34)+1+Charact(34)+">" Resul… »
Started on Dec. 19 2014 by
« Hello, is there a webdev system that is the same as or similar to PHP session variables?… »
Started on Dec. 27 2016 by
« Hi! I have developed a simple testsite following the tutorial of WEBDEV 21. Now I want to show this site only over https. How do I do this? I tried using SSLActive(true), but this … »
Started on Dec. 23 2016 by
« Hi, we want to build a webservice for transmitting data between our WinDef-Applications (there are several with different databases) and our WebDef-Extranet-Site. But this data has… »
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