Started by Wouter Dral, Dec., 19 2016 5:04 PM - 6 replies
Posted on December, 19 2016 - 5:04 PM
Dear Colleagues,

Has anyone experiance with calling/addressing the VECOZO WDSL for checking COV?

We got as far as:

//Doe controlle van de COV uitvoeren
dCheckDate is Date = DateSys()

arrCertificate is array of Certificates
MyCertificate is Certificate
arrCertificate = CertificateLoad("CER.p12", "password")
MyCertificate = arrCertificate[1]

vz801802Service.Address = "https://acccovwebservice.vecozo.nl/v1/VZ801802.svc"

WD_COV is ControleerRequestType
WD_COV.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Bsn = EDT_BSN
WD_COV.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Geboortedatum = DateToString(EDT_Geb_datum,"YYYY-MM-DD")
WD_COV.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Peildatum = DateToString(dCheckDate, "YYYY-MM-DD")
WD_COV.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Volgnummer = "1"

//Controle op verzekeringsrecht
sResult is ControleerResponse = Controleer(WD_COV)


So far no result, please assist?

Posted on December, 29 2016 - 5:27 PM
Sorry to have bothered you with my question about WDSL for running VECOZO COV check by it. Is there realy nobody with the proper knowledge to help out her?
Thanx in advance for a little help.

Have a save changing to next year!

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Posted on January, 07 2017 - 2:53 PM
Hey Wouter,

There are issues with the WX web service consumption engine... It is bugged, to say the least. That's why we're moving away from WD to .Net Core C# mostly for solutions that require high web service interoperability. C# is often more code efficient than WLanguage for web services consumption. The main bug in WD: web service parameters of 'ComplexType' get falsely encoded by WD while they should act as an xml insertion... Support confirmed that this 'enhancement request' (what a laugh) will not be implemented before 2018 (V23) or maybe never at all. (See also my comments at http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/read.php…)

Not sure about your wsdl but you might try the below. If you have no ComplexType elements in your wsdl parameters it is likely to work.
Do you really need the certificates? If so, I think you should add them to the SoapHeader in some way (like shown below)...
// Get verttificates
arrCertificate is array of Certificates
MyCertificate is Certificate
arrCertificate = CertificateLoad("CER.p12", "password")
MyCertificate = arrCertificate[1]

// Use wsRequest variable
ctx is a wsRequest

//Prepare the base web service
ControleerRequestType..Address = "https://acccovwebservice.vecozo.nl/v1/VZ801802.svc"
//Maybe add your certtificates here
IF UseCertificates THEN
ctx.HTTPHeader["CertificateOrSomethingLikeThat"] = MyCertificate..ToStringInSomeWay
ELSE //It uses a user name and password
ControleerRequestType..UserName = Domain+["\"]+UserName
ControleerRequestType..Password = Password

// Set additionnal WS parameters (If you have imported your wsdl into the project)
stParam is a ControleerRequestType
stParam.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Bsn = EDT_BSN
stParam.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Geboortedatum = DateToString(EDT_Geb_datum,"YYYY-MM-DD")
stParam.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Peildatum = DateToString(dCheckDate, "YYYY-MM-DD")
stParam.Zoekopdrachten.Zoekopdracht.Volgnummer = "1"

// Execute the Webservice
stResp is ControleerResponse
stResp = ControleerRequestType(ctx, stParam)


Peter Holemans

Peter Holemans
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Posted on January, 11 2017 - 5:28 AM
Hi Peter. Thanks for the reply. We were out off the office because off family affairs. Will be in again tomorrow and try your code. Keep you posted!
Posted on January, 11 2017 - 11:39 AM
Hi Peter,

Thanks for looking into our strubbles. The code changes provided does not seem to solve our challenge.
Is it an idea to send you an email with our test project in Windev 21, so you can have a look at our imported WSDL?
The WSDL is provided by VECOZO by the way.

Look forward on receiving your answer in this matter,

Thanks in advance.

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Posted on January, 13 2017 - 9:13 AM
Hi Wouter,

Sure you can send me your wsdl. I'll have a quick look...
Send me an email at peter dot holemans at gmail dot com.



Peter Holemans
Posted on January, 19 2017 - 2:04 PM
Hi Peter,

Thanx in advance. I was out off the office for a few days. I will send you our little test project with the WDSL build in to it.

Talk to you later.

Kind regards