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« Hello, Version 22 "Update 1" is available (220071N). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >PC SOFT… »
Started on Jul. 24 2017 by
« Hi Everybody Not a WinDev developer yet. I’ve been developing using Clarion from Softvelocity since 1992 but have noticed that Softvelocity is not keeping themselves up to date wit… »
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« Just a quick note here to share the solution I've struggle a bit to found. This HTTP Error 503 occurred just after the installation of Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. Note th… »
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« WD22 Hi, I have a pivot table showing as row values Revenue, Costs, Margin £. I also want to show Margin % based on the calculation Margin % = Margin £ / Revenue. I have set the… »
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« Hello, I have 3 tables and I want to show the columns from t1 that have the Column1 value on the t2 or t3. I try an Union sql sentence but it seems like not works with HExecuteSQLQ… »
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« Hello to all I'm developing a webdev project where i need to load some files from the user pc and save them in a blog field in a database. As suggested by Mike Allison, i found i… »
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« Hi, I have a problem with the Native MySQL Access with WINDEV 22. The error returned by the application is "error number 70181" described next : Error at line 43 of Click BTN_CON… »
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« Morning All, My Hosting company have made some upgrades and are now using mariadb in place of Mysql. Before the upgrade, my site was working perfectly well. After the upgrade is … »
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« I'm trying to restore a database from our backup server to our live server. I backed up the database from our backup server and then restored it on the live server. Now we are runn… »
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« HI, does anyone know how to get type of class used in an array? I have an array like this: mylist is array of oPrdMain myList..class --> error according to PCSoft Help myList.… »
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