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« Hello, Version 22 "Update 1" is available (220071N). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >PC SOFT… »
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« Hi my fellows developers like the tittle said. I have a program, this program have a login page, then I show another page and so on but if I copy the link of the second page afte… »
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« Hi my fellows developers I have some issues when I try to deploy my site, it's about the connections heres the error: I go to my server and see the Webdev 20 Administrator and i… »
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« Hello, I am new to Windev. I am however, a mildly experienced developer, and am mildly familiar with Windev. I am getting the error TypeError: oGetObjetChamp(...) is undefined in… »
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« Hi guys Is there something reported with webdev 22 around this issue? I have a Browse Globol Procedures declared in the procedures area. Create a simple JS procedure. If I change … »
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« Hi everyone I have an issue with this function, I want to give a static a name "Value" of another control like on a row of a table but it doesn't work, I tried to do with another … »
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« Is it possible to have a looper that is responsive in relation to the number of columns showing. Currently if I create a 3 column looper on desktop and then change the no. of colu… »
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« Hello Via the assistant have I imported a new font into my project. That went well and the font is displayed in Chrom/FF/Opera/Edge... everywhere except IE (tested only with v11).… »
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« I did an app with windev 21, but when I export it to azure, the application shows a lot of PHP errors, the PHP version in azure is 5.6 and in my development station is 5.45, is the… »
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