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« Hi all, I need to develop an app for iOS 8. Can anyone please tell me what I need to do before I can start developing and deploying the app? Thanks Sarah… »
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« Hi, my WD14 project runs fine but needs an update to WD19. Thats the time to redesign the architecture. In WD14 I use a direct connection with HFSQL over the Internet an… »
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« Hi, I want to allow different companies who use a computer system I've written to choose different names for certain database fields. So, for example, I might have a fi… »
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« Good Day We are using SAP Business One and I would like to integrate Windev with SAP. They have certain SDK's to do the job but I cannot seem to add it to Windev. There … »
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« Hey, I develop a lot lately in wm 19 for IOS. Everything works fine in the simulator. But on the IPAD the app freezes sometimes when i click on a button. Under this butt… »
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« Thanks in advance for any insights here. Ive played with webbdev in version 14 (bought it), but it just seemed very busy and confusing to really get stuck into a project… »
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« Hello to you all, Converting my project from WD18 to 19 I have again a problem with the reports. I have multiple reports with a background where the users can input thei… »
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« I have a WinDev 19 program that rebuilds a chart every 10 minutes. The rebuild procedure runs in a thread. It seems like this doesn't work in a windows terminal server s… »
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« Hi, Is there a way to Duplicate a Record with a Unique Key from the Control Center... easier than adding a blank record and filling it in from scratch? A popup shows th… »
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« Hi, in a memory table, I have set the row total for two columns. These row totals can I make bold by programming (col_pl_aantal[row-total]..FontBold = True). But is it a… »
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