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« Hi everyone. I have an older report that I'm trying to update from query based to programming based. But for some odd reason, many of the code sections are missing, so I… »
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« hi I need to make a webservice, it is better to do it with or webdev windev (I have both in version 18)? Thank Victor Víctor H. Pereyra M… »
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« Hi, What I mean is, when someone on a mobile device visits your URL, is anyone checking that a mobile device is trying to use your site? If so, is there a standard bit … »
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« I keep getting this error? Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: WinDev64Local.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 53a… »
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« How to simulate back button on Android? Is it possible to change the background when reading nfc (NFCReadTag)? Is it posible use half screen in the function NFCReadTag an… »
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« Hi, I've got a really strange problem with an HTML control in Android. I've got some html/js code that has an accordion effect, basically it reads in some news stories … »
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« Hi Original Message I have a checkbox in a table column. When I am in the development environment it is there. When I create the EXE and then run the EXE it is not visi… »
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« Hello I saw almost every examples but I can't find anything about adding external css for a button, or a menu. I already imported the css into my project but when I go … »
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« Hi all, Do stored queries improve the speed of the query (on HFSQL)? Thanks Sarah… »
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« Hi, I found that links between two files of which one of them has been removed from the analysis and also has been physically removed still remain in the list of links o… »
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