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« Hello, This message is to announce that WinDev 20, WebDev 20 and WinDev Mobile 20 are available (pre-release version). You will find the download link here : http://ww… »
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« I've done something weird to a table on one of my windows. The first four columns in the table do not scroll when you scroll with the horizontal scroll bar. Also that s… »
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« Can I control one or more IP CAMs from my WinDev application?… »
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« How can you disable the tooltip that pops up when hovering your mouse over some collapsed code ? I want the tooltip to stop occuring. Is there some property to check or u… »
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« Hi, I have a simple composite report that contanes 2 existing reports, an invoice and an attachment. These existing reports are based on tables in a window. When I am in… »
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« Hi I am really struggling to get my webserver working correctly. My domain is www.plumaccounting.co.za but if you type that in a browser you receive an error. The only … »
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« I am try to create report this datafile in 150 record included, over reque. is all record print in report, but that is not possible me.. only print single record... o… »
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« Hello to all I have a MySql database hosted on a Unix machine, created by an old programmer who is working in our firm. I'm able to access to this db and its tables and … »
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« Hi folks! I am deriving the machine's harddisk-ID through this function: gsComputerID is string = fDriveInfo("C:", fdSerialNumber) The context this is used is locking do… »
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« Just to say I'm new to windev so the problem may well be due to wrong use of the software. I have the following Problem: I programmed a piece of software using the stand… »
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