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« I can see my queries in the project explorer but when I create a new table the query is not in the query list. I have used the project update but that did not work. Help !!… »
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« Hi All Is it possible to make an animated GIF from within a WinDev 21 program? TIA… »
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« Hi guys, I'm writing a set of procedures to periodically send files to an FTP server and I want to give the (super) user the option to do actions such as start/stop automatic proc… »
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« Hi, does anyone use LibXL for creating xlsx files? http://www.libxl.com I have imported dotnet dll into windev project. This works fine clBook is libxl.XmlBook but I'm unable to… »
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« Hi all, lets have three developers, which works on three different projects. Each project have the same Analyses. Each Developer may modify the Analyses by the Development-Process… »
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« Good morning, have someone worked with checkbox in webdev? I need to replicate a check box list and fill each option with some information from a database, but the functions for ha… »
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« Hi All How does one disable the maximize button? Only want minimize button and close X to be functional. Cheers André… »
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« Hi All I have now got my app working so that the user cannot change the size. After opening the app I press the minimize button and it is displayed in the task bar. In my procedur… »
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« Hi, Is anyone missing the fact that you cannot use splitters in webdev?? I do and so are number of colleges of mine The fact that one cannot use splitters is really a show stoppe… »
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« Hi All, I have an error message appearing in my project: Dialog function called. The question used is not in the project. 'Dialog' function, syntax 0 What happened? The question … »
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