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« Hello, Windev 20, HFSQL I display a table from a query with left outer joins. When run in Control center, I get correct values, but when displayed in a table, I get ##### instead… »
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« Hi All, is this possible to select an network printer over IP wlanguage? Example: print report #1 to IP: 192.168.xx.yy report #2 to IP: 192.168.xx.yy… »
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« Hi There are a few posts re this issue circa 2012 - but there was no solution - and I think it might be out of scope for WinDev The requirement is a Word document embedded in a W… »
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« Based on comments on the board, and because of exceptionally slow local help system loading, I recently switched back from the 64 bit version of Windev to the 32 bit version on a 6… »
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« Hi All I have set the scheduler control to one day view. I am wanting to display the full day name in the scheduler. At the moment it displays the first letter of each day. Any id… »
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« Hi - I've manually created somewhat of a report/record within a window/page (not report) - and am trying to figure out a way of printing the contents of the window. However all I c… »
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« Hi, I have a stopwatch in my application before I call HEXECUTEQUERY() and after Tabledisplay() I stop the watch. I found a funny behaviour (local or over the internet, different… »
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« Hi! Is there any alternative to API Description types that could be used to call methods from a shared library on Linux (.so)? Best Regards,… »
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« Hi, I would like to open a window as a popup in an existing Window in Android. In the help i found the OpenPopup command but it's not implemented for android yet. I wanted to avoi… »
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« Hello, I have started getting wired error when we try to upload updates to a production APK. The error is: Upload failed Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 77. Any… »
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