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« Hi all, Is there a way to lock a row of a table (the first one, if possible) and always show it even if the user scrolls down? TIA… »
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« Windev 21 and Webdev 21 (32 bit) fail to load on the 64 bit version of this build, even after running the troubleshooter and setting compatibility to an earlier version of Windows.… »
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« Hi, I'm developing my first WB project (v20), in fact my first ever browser-based system. One of the functions needed is to email a customer a link that when followed will lead th… »
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« Hi all. Is there a way to view or trace a total HTTPRequest as it is being sent? I need to view the header and body.… »
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« Hi, Is it possible to make this in webdev: My potential client wants his customers to sign of on a document. So I need a signature ( hand written) on a web form. And need to conv… »
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« Hello to all I have a report to print customers data from my application. The report has a "search key" (with low and upper bound checked) based on the customer_name field and thi… »
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« webdev 12 (dongle+cd+books) - free for Slovenian or Croatian users… »
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« Hi, in order to improve speed , I modify my control template (looper) to use thread to retrieve data from webservice and fill the looper. in test , if a window only contain more … »
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« Hi, using WD/WM for so many years. first time I get this warning " Error:An internal error was detected on the WIN_Add_Item window. You must repair the project. If repairing the … »
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« Hi All, I have an application that is connected to an MDB file using native connectivity on Windev 21. The MDB database has only a single table which is overwritten with data on … »
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