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« Hello all, In my Windev 20 project i use a call with soaprunxml(), it is with a certificate what is installed on the pc. By the call in my app the certificate is shown and the use… »
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« Hello, I have developed an Android based app in which I want to register the app for receiving PUSH notification from a web server which is built in PHP. I have used NotifPushEna… »
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« Hi. In the thread http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/read.php… i can found the info for implement a BroadcastReceiver to fire an alarm and execute a code for it. How i must write the co… »
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« Hi All Our customer complains about turning on the iphone flashlight and when using bcCapture and it turns off esp. the warehouse is dark. How do I get around such without using … »
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« Is there a way to apply a tooltip to a specific cell in a table? The tooltip property is not available for cells, I can just show the same tooltip for everything in the column.… »
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« Hi All I see that SysIconBadge is available for both iOS and Windows Universal 10 apps. How does one achieve this same functionality with Android? - I want increment a number on t… »
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« I have a project where I'm using the Gensteel style as the default style. When I add controls now, they do not get the Gensteel style. If I try to click Apply a skin template on th… »
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« Hello We've been facing some problems with the network dongle recently. We have a network dongle with 3 licenses, but it is only working in one computer. How can we fix that ? Se… »
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« Hi all. I have the strangest problem with Windev MOBILE only.. The other day I had a BIG Windows update come in. I am not sure if it is related but now when I go to SAVE a Mobile … »
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« Hi Folks, I have cascade property set for one of my tables, I need to be able to exit the table using a key or key combination other than a TAB as that just adds another row to my… »
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