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« Good afternoon all! I'm currently testing the dashboard control in one of our applications. In this application we use the dynamic tab control to be able to open the same internal… »
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« Dear Colleagues, Has anyone experiance with calling/addressing the VECOZO WDSL for checking COV? We got as far as: //Doe controlle van de COV uitvoeren dCheckDate is Date = Date… »
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« Hi there In my current project that I'm working on, I have a scheduler + organizer control which I'd like to get synchronizing with default Outlook profiles. So far I've managed … »
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« hi all, newbie when it comes to webservices, getting on ok with them but am having trouble when trying to push memo fields. Can somebody help with what I should do when dealing wit… »
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« Dear all, I have generated the app and copied it into XCode on Mac however when i try to build it, i'm getting a 'No provisioning profiles found: no non-expired provisioning profi… »
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« Hi, I'm trying to store a time in a hfsql databaase. Its a time inputed by the user and so is held in a variable before trying to add it to the file. However when trying to write … »
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« Greetings All, I am modifying a existing 3-column template in WebDev. I am creating a clickable image (country flag that that is not in the catalog). Everything works fine until I … »
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« I am trying to put logic into a TREEVIEW server click section and get the following error: The 'TVCLIC_SUBMIT' command does not have the right parameters. (009, ERR_BAD_PARAMETER… »
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« Hi , I am looking to integrate an OCR into my windev app and basically the options are two tesseract for free. has anybody implemented any of these in windev? ocrtools . Is it p… »
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« I am sending eMail from an application. The code works and eMail is sent from the application and received quickly on the other end. But the code is indicating that the eMail was n… »
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