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« Presented by Andy Stapleton/wxPerts (www.wxperts.com) Webservices are used extensively in the mobile and web environment both, it along with REST calls gives you the greatest amou… »
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« Hi, What option controls why the "Managing the data files exceeding 2 gb (NTFS only)" option is grayed out / disabled? I'm using OLE DB to MSSQL And, does the 2 gb limit pertain … »
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« Hi All Would someone shed some light for setting up the timeout when using HConnect... as I wanna keep alive as longest as possible when the screen with remoting HConnection remai… »
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« hello to you all, In a window I have a table. The user managed it to get the line-height so small that you can't read the content of the table anymore. He did not know how he did … »
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« Hi, I'm going to develop an app on the device Memor X3. I'd like to use the .dll functions of the barcode scanner. The SDK manual says to use the methods of "DLScanner" class ... … »
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« I just opened a Project that I completed for a customer a few months ago. I was planning on adding an enhancement that they requested but I got the following error when I attempted… »
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« Folks, I noticed that in Version 20 when you get to the Describing the Framework tab in the build wizard you can't untick the .Net Access 4.0 tick box? I am suspecting that its m… »
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« Hi How would I pass the data to a chart for a Column stacked type. Let's say there are 4 series and each series can have 1 or more values that must be stacked. I thought this wil… »
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« Hi All, I need your advice and suggestions? How to import an XML file with this following data to SQL Server or HF: ..... Any advice. Thanks, Ech… »
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« Hi anyone using thegantt chart feature of version 20? I want to use it to replace my project section. The example saves the gant in a file and I need to save stuff in the db since… »
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