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« Hi Am have created an application and enabled User Groupware. This all works well in customer wants to use groupware. I a new customer does not want to use Groupware, or switch it… »
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« Hello. I have a number of table controls which have quite a lot of records 20K+ they take a few seconds to populate which is fine, but the auto calculations (sum and counter) take… »
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« Hello, I have no idea.. How to add the current date one or more months . Please help.. Thank you, .. Kind regard caddy… »
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« Good morning, I'm trying to fill an EDT by programming, but the problem I have is that the EDT won't make the text fit in multiple lines, instead it displays the whole text in one… »
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« I have a few questions about 2 of the new features in version 21. Repositionable Notes and End User Tooltips. Any using yet that can comment? 1. Where is this data stored? 2. If… »
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« I am new to writing Web apps and am having a hard time getting my head around global variables. I would like to be able to use a couple of global variables to hold states, etc. But… »
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« Hi All Do we have any update by end of May or June or wait until before end of Oct this year? I wonder if we could download any sample projects regarding the new features as the … »
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« Hi, Using WinDev 21... Are there any methods that I can call to see if a file has already been encrypted to avoid encrypting it again? I do not want to change the filename to ref… »
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« Hi I manage to integrate CKEditor into my project with no problem. I have a multiline edit control and can add my text and pictures the way I want to. I can save the contents to… »
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« hello from Italy and sorry for my very bad english I'm trying the tool in subject, and it's very easy to have a view, inside my form, of the webcam. but... I'm using a Surface 4 … »
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