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saas question
Started by Mimmo Ghiara, Dec., 12 2019 5:28 PM - 1 reply
Posted on December, 12 2019 - 5:28 PM
Hi everyone, I'm starting to develop an application in Saas and I can't do a simple thing. I need two or three pages to present the site / software and then with a Go to site button I need to have a login page. WebDev does it automatically, but then all the pages are under login, how can I do, obviously besides the three pages visible to everyone the rest must be password protected
Thanks for the tips
Posted on January, 18 2020 - 2:32 PM
I read some documentation and I understood how it can be done. Now I'm creating the login page to the SaaS site.
I state that I created the site, the user, the services and the licenses.
Then I wrote the second manual code but I realized something I don't understand.

SaaSConnect ("login", "password") any login and password returns true. (Strange?)

Then I move on to
SaaSCheckService ("AMBULATORY") gives me an error and that I have to enter the webserver ip

I enter the IP
myconnection is Connection = "localhost"
SaaSCheckService ("AMBULATORY", myconnection)

It always returns false whether the user is correct or fictional

I do not understand
Give me some suggestions

There is no demo / tutorial that gives a serious explanation
The example with the software makes a SaaS using its own procedure. Not that of the manual
I also wrote an example from a depository but it is a ridiculous example

Thank you