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Problem with responsive template in webdev 26
Started by Sosina, Jan., 12 2022 9:02 AM - No answer
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Posted on January, 12 2022 - 9:02 AM
Hi all,
I am using webdev 26 for development of a responsive system, but I faced a problem with responsive Templates.
Please if anyone has worked before with webdev 26 or has occured the same problem can give me some suggestion in order to solve the problem.

What I want to change is that the template should be appeared full size (based on browser length, width and height) and consequently the pages that use this Template should be displayed depending on the size of the device where the page is being opened.
The body height should be the same with browser height.

What I tried to solve the problem

To solve this problem we tried to:
1. Change Anchoring to the template
2. Change Anchoring of pages that use this template
3. We also considered to change the Anchoring of the zones, the problem consists in the body zone of the template there is no option to allow the extension depending on the device height as shown in the picture below.

4. We tried to add CSS code in the description of the template (styling the body, or each element found in the template based on classes used for styling).

The code is given below:

body, form {height: 100% !important}
.clearfix .pos1 {height: 100% !important}
#page {height: 100% !important}
.clearfix .pos2 {height: 100% !important}
.clearfix .pos3 {height: 100% !important}
.clearfix .pos22 {height: 100% !important}
</style>5. We have also tried to put CSS code in description of the zone which corresponds with the body of the template, but anything changed in the height of the page.
body{height: 100% !important}

It would be great help if you could advise me on what we can do in order to solve this problem.
Thank you in advance!