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Upgrade to Windows 11
Started by Simon PHILLIPS, May, 16 2022 9:14 PM - 2 replies
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Posted on May, 16 2022 - 9:14 PM
I am having a few problems with WebDev 27 and I don't know if it is that or Windows. Webdev keeps crashing or hanging and typing often is slow, so I will typen comething in the code and it will take several seconds before anything appears.

I am thinking about upgrading to Windows 11, but before I do, I just wanted to see if anyone else is using Windows 11 and if they have had any problems.

My other option is to uninsatll Webdev 27 and reinstall it.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Simon Phillips
OtterReg Software
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Posted on May, 23 2022 - 3:41 PM
Hi Simon,
you could try to disable "live data" and see if it helps ..

Steven Sitas
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Posted on June, 10 2022 - 12:52 PM
I'm currently running a 12600K with windows 10 right now and I'm considering upgrading to windows 11 albeit extremely hesitant due to the instability issues that I've been hearing from other people who've made the upgrade. I hope this thread could provide a good insight into what other people's experience have been like so that people considering the upgrades can make their own decisions.

Are the aformentioned UX issues still prominent enough to the point where it's negatively hampered your experience on windows 11?

Has the upgrade negatively affected your workflow in any significant way, whether it;s creative work like video content creation, digital art, or game development, etc?

are the major gripes of windwos 11 (ex: having to manually reset web extension links from Microsoft edge to Chrome, etc) still a prominent issue which hampers your user experience?