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« HI I want to get the FULL URL in the browser when the page is opened. using: Trace(PageAddress(search, paFULL)) http://www.mywebsite.com/search.awp I want to get whats after the… »
Started on Nov. 20 2014 by
« Pretty simple error but hard to find a fix. We have buttons with hardcoded values on the Dialog page: - Save button that closes the dialog with true - Close button that closes the … »
Started on Nov. 03 2017 by
« Hi everyone, I'm starting to develop an application in Saas and I can't do a simple thing. I need two or three pages to present the site / software and then with a Go to site butto… »
Started on Dec. 12 2019 by
« Good morning, I have implemented a procedure that carries out a countdown, it happens that if the user who launches the procedure exits before the end of the count, the procedure … »
Started on Jan. 13 2020 by
« Hello everyone and happy new year, I have to insert a link in an email so that the user receiving this email can click on the link that sends him back to the site. I wrote this cod… »
Started on Jan. 02 2020 by
« Hello, I have the next error: OLE DB access error. Error Number = 170124 Failure opening connection: Data Source: <> OLEDB Provider: <SQLOLEDB> Detalles … »
Started on Jan. 08 2020 by
« Hello, I have multiple projects in Webdev Version 23, but I am experiencing an issue in one of them that does not appear in the others. The code that is displayed in the code edi… »
Started on Dec. 16 2019 by
« Hello All, Why is it that the syntax used will work fine in a developement environment with the same .net framework as production. But once placed on the production server the prog… »
Started on Feb. 11 2013 by
« Does anyone have any experience building services for providing webhooks in WxDev? I assume it can be done in programming, obviously, but wondering if there is a built-in function … »
Started on Jun. 19 2019 by
« Hello folks I have a curious issue using the FTP connection secure This happens on my program AND in the FTP demo tool from Windev Projects If I connect to the ftp server with a… »
Started on Dec. 06 2019 by