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TDBAffiche(...) and equivalent to work on MacOS
Started by Alex, Jul., 09 2019 10:41 AM - 1 reply
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Posted on July, 09 2019 - 10:41 AM
Hello everyone,

I am new on the PCSoft forums, I come to you for questions:

As part of a migration from a windev windows application to a MacOS, I have to correct a lot of errors related to the compilation when I transfer the windev application to a Java archive. In particular, with the TDBAffiche (...) function that only works for windows environments.

The most common error I have is "Error: The <TDBAffiche> function has no equivalent in the WL / Java framework"

What do you advise me to do to resolve this problem? Is there an alternative for Mac environments?

I try to work with target code that runs according to which platform we are on. But I'm really looking for the equivalent of TDBAffiche (...) for it to work under Mac according to the business rules to follow.

Can you help me? For any advice and tips, I'm interested.

Posted on July, 29 2019 - 2:21 PM
No unfortunately there is no equivalent, one small advice when you do design an application in Windev and you know you will like to port that APP to MAC OS then you will need to base your decisions and base your design on the functions and controls available on the Java Framework. is the only way to succeed using Windev to make these types of apps. otherwise there will be functionality or GUI elements that you will not be able to replicate in Java and there will be allot of code and business logic that you will have to write again. There is no other way around it.