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EmulateInput() does not recognize controls in a window from external component (WD24)
Started by Jacek, Apr., 07 2021 4:37 PM - 1 reply
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Posted on April, 07 2021 - 4:37 PM
After spending several frustrating hours, I need a workaround for a simple automatic test like this:
Procedure MyScenario()
//Scenario that will be run when opening
// the "cmp_wdWS50DictSQL.WIN_SelectCargo" window
ON "cmp_wdWS50DictSQL.WIN_SelectCargo" DO

After it is run at the end of the last line with a call to EmulateInput() a No Entry icon is displayed with a tooltip: "EmulateInput function called. Error caused by 1 parameter. The 'cmp_wdWS50DictSQL.WIN_SelectCargo.TABL_Cargo' control is unknown."

- cmp_wdWS50DictSQL is the external component.
- WIN_SelectCargo is the window from this component.
- TABL_Cargo is the control from this window (the one not recognized)

I have checked the spelling, besides the script was "recorded" not entered by hand.
Any help, suggestions, how to make EmulateInput() recognize controls in external components ?

Or may be the Automatic Testing of Windows in WD is just a time wasting shitty trap for suckers like me.

Thanks in advance
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Posted on June, 23 2022 - 12:42 PM
I spent well over an hour trying to get my controller (the 8BitDo N30 Pro 2) to be recognized in the game and finally found a solution.