Newsgroup dedicated to the earlier versions of WINDEV, in English
« We are having performance issue with the software we created using Windev 11. Our system is deployed on multiple versions of Windows, depending on our customers' computers, using f… »
Started on Apr. 21 2015 by
« Where can I download the INSTALL Files of the native driver for SQL Server for WinDev16?? I have already a license but I have to install it again. But I haven't got the CD or DVD a… »
Started on Apr. 07 2015 by
« Hello, I wanted to install Windev mobil 19 express but there is an error (see the image). Did you know how to do ? Thank you … »
Started on Apr. 06 2015 by
« Bonjour, Savez vous où je peux trouver un téléchargement de Windev19 car mon CD est cassé (rayé). J'ai la clef et actuellement il est installé sur mon PC. J'aimerai réinstaller m… »
Started on Mar. 30 2015 by
« Bonjour, Je vis une erreur bizarre avec mon application sur Windows CE Embedded 6.0 Mon application perd la connexion à la base de donnés HyperFile après que l'ordinateur mobile t… »
Started on Mar. 27 2015 by
« Hello, This message is to announce that WinDev 20, WebDev 20 and WinDev Mobile 20 are available (pre-release version). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.c… »
Started on Mar. 17 2015 by
« Launch of Webdev Course Visit our site for more information: www.informaticon.com.br www.facebook.com/nerineitzke email: videoaulas@informaticon.com.br WINDEV = http://www.inform… »
Started on Mar. 16 2015 by
« I am using WinDev 12 and the application is getting the GPF error below. It seems to be in WD120VM.DLL. Is there an update to this DLL I may be missing? Thank you... Monti U… »
Started on Feb. 26 2015 by
« Hi, I have been running a WinDev 12 app connected to a HFCS database without an issue for several years now and it has worked flawlessly. Made some db schema changes and used the… »
Started on Feb. 25 2015 by
« Hey everybody, I got an issue compiling this code: Class = Shift Procedure ProduceAppointments() lAppointmentsArray is an array of dynamic Appointment FOR EACH lShiftRequirement … »
Started on Jan. 12 2015 by