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Wordprocessing-Control takes Ages for inserting Letters on a medium long Text
Started by meikl, Sep., 14 2018 2:27 PM - 5 replies
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Posted on September, 14 2018 - 2:27 PM
Hi all,

i noticed that the wordprocessing control gets very slow on writing, if the text extends one and a half page. Even disabluing the spell-checking did not help.

on virtual machines it is significant slower than Winword on a virtual machine (about factor infinitely-1). The writer has to wait about three to five seconds! until the pressed keys are shown.

any hint to get the the wordprocessing control more performant and faster?


meikl ;)
Posted on September, 16 2018 - 2:07 AM
Hi meikl,


MSWin - Task manager
Mac - Activity monitor

You need to check if that delay is caused by :

CPU, Memory, Disk or Hardware

CPU - Check if it happens with just the word processing part . If it does then try to change the number of CPU's (affinity) the software uses, change this from 4 to 3 cores(by default the software uses all CPU's)/ your customer might have a software that could cause this problem (antivirus software?), try to disable it temporarily. Check CPU utilization.

Memory - If the program is running with not enough memory then it will try to write some of the memory to disk . This is an easy fix, upgrade memory (easy) or close some programs.

Disk - Check disk usage (what software is causing that).

and last but not least the computer might have some hardware issues (You might want to run a software that tests hardware).

I hope this helps.
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Posted on September, 17 2018 - 11:05 AM
Thanks for your response Luisc,

but on one hand, it can not be that our customers have to adjust their systems to get more performance for the word proceesing control, on the other hand it did not work.

compared with winword with paralell tasks on the same machine with the same text, winword works like a charm, the word processing control works like a lame duck.

i noticed watching the taskmanager that if the word processing control gots the focus, even nothing done else, the cpu utilizastion runs up to 95%, by pessing keys the cpu runs to 99%. Winword takes on focus 0 to 3% cpu and about 8% by typing.

by this comapre it doesn't matter, what hardware is below ...

any further suggestions?

meikl ;)
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Posted on September, 17 2018 - 2:06 PM
setup a new project
- a window with only the word processing control on it, with disabled spellchecking
- creating a 32 bit windows executable
- done with winDEV 22 and winDEV 23
- no other codings

following cpu usage on a Intel Xeon E5 CPU with 2GHz and 3 GB RAM, Windows 7 32 Bit OS, latest updates
same text, one and a half page with some formattings (fonts, style, color)

WinDEV 22
- word processing control focused (nothing else)-> 10% to 20% CPU
- word processing control typing -> up to 99%, falling down to 30% after typing for a while, then again about 10% to 20% CPU
(display is slow, but ok for average users, not ok for a fast typist)

WinDEV 23
- word processing control focused (nothing else)-> 55% to 65% CPU
- word processing control typing -> up to 99%, keeping 99% after typing for a while, then again about 55% to 65% CPU
(display is lame, waittime issued, unusable even for average users)

Winword (MS Word 2000 v9.0.2812)
- Winword focused (nothing else)-> 0% to 2% CPU
- Winword typing -> up to 10%, falling immediatly down after typing to 0% to 2% CPU
(display is fast, perfect)

what the hell has PC-Soft done, and how to get the word processing control faster?

meikl ;)
Posted on September, 18 2018 - 4:50 AM
Sorry it did not work for you.

I found your problem odd, as I have used that control and didn't noticed any delays, plus the fact that your customer 's computer hardware is a little uncommon ( workstations with Xeon CPU's generally use 64 bit OS and a lot more memory than 3 GB) so I tested on my laptop (I5-6200U, 16GB Ram, win 10 64) I created a program using the word control and I was surprised. I put 10 pages formated with different fonts plus 3 pictures) and check my task manager. The control was using 50 % of my CPU . Even though it did not slow down my laptop the CPU usage was way, way to high.

Wow now I need to check the spreadsheet control.
I am not going use this control until someone has a work around or a fix. =(
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Posted on September, 18 2018 - 8:19 AM
Yes, if the Word Processing Control with an Intel Core I7 at 3.4 GHz and 16 GB Ram with a Win 10 64-bit OS is used, then the slow runtime behavior is almost undetectable.

We have to keep in mind that some of our customers also use older hardware. Obtaining modern hardware is not part of our customers' core business and we can not force our customers to acquire modern hardware simply because our software requires it. Rather, these customers would switch to the competitor software. That's why we test our applications with older configurations. It's a good idea to have word processing in our applications, but the current runtime behavior of Word Processing Control makes us laugh.

i will request PC-Soft support about this ...

thanks Luisc

meikl ;)