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« Hello, Version 24 "Update 2" is available (240077F). You will find the download link here : https://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >>PC SOFT… »
Started on Oct. 18 2019 by
« I'm using many trigonometric formulas, then I see that windev fails with a few of them, for example trace(SIN(360)) returns: -0.0000000000000002449293598295 I found that sin(mod… »
Started on Jan. 03 2020 by
« I am working on a large project with many user interface elements which are styled to our corporate look and feel. This morning I have started Windev and noticed that all controls … »
Started 15 hours ago by
« Hi im trying to set up a linked server in SQL Server using HFSQL OLE DB, it kinda work but i can't do query on table i get this error message : The ole DB provider "PCSoft.HFSQL" … »
Started on Oct. 29 2019 by
« hello everybody please consider the sql code below, use on a "simple" HF table CREATE TABLE Shoes_Temp AS SELECT Shoes_Tag.Data AS Data, Shoes_Tag.Numero AS Numero, Shoes_Tag.For… »
Started on Jan. 16 2020 by
« Hi I am looking for a solution, free or paid for, which I can use to scan supplier invoices into my software. Supplier invoices come in different formats so I am prepared to crea… »
Started on Jan. 16 2020 by
« Hi, I need to get data (telephone calls) from a Siemens Hipath Telephone System. Anyone done this before? Not really a Windev question maybe. On the other hand: I need to integrate… »
Started on Dec. 01 2009 by
« Is it possible to read a JSON from an external website ? JSONExécute - I get an error when I use this function in Windev "Function not supported in Windev" [say, read from this li… »
Started on Jan. 12 2020 by
« Hello, How to get a list's elements of a closed window ? THank you -- Programmeur Analyste… »
Started on Jan. 10 2020 by
« Greetings Gang... Does anyone know how to decode a jwt using WX???… »
Started on Jan. 08 2018 by