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[WM23 iOS] Socket
Started by ARV, Aug., 13 2019 3:48 PM - No answer
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Posted on August, 13 2019 - 3:48 PM
Hi all

I have a question about this topic on iPhone

I have two WiFi lest called WiFiA and WiFiB.
When my iPhone send a message from the socket while it's connected to WiFiA it works fine, but then I switch to WiFiB without closing the socket and try to send something with WiFiB it doesn't work, the function of SocketWrite doesn't return false, just return true, but the message will no be send.

I test it on my Android to see what will happend and works like it should be, when I switch the connection of the WiFi the function SocketWrite will return false.

I still don't know why this happend.

Maybe if I validated the change of the WiFi could solve this problem but there's no a way to solve the issue about the function?.

Best Regards