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Internal Window curious problem
Started by VEGEboss, Sep., 25 2019 9:26 AM - 1 reply
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Posted on September, 25 2019 - 9:26 AM
I'm building a simple App to keep scores in card games

I have a Main window with a table that shows the player's scores in each round

When I click on a row I want that a small Internal Window (not the Control!) will be
opened (i use "OpenMobileWindow") to let the user insert the scores

When I run this in the WM environment everything works fine, but when I deploy
the App to my smartphone, the Internal Window DOESN'T appears. Or it's quickly
closed immediately and I can't see it.

What happens? Why this difference from a run in WM and the deplyoed App?

Thanks for your help. If you need images, reply here.
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Posted on September, 28 2019 - 3:35 PM

Where are you compiling this?
Because on a table I can't put nothing inside because it's not available a container for Android or iOS

instead using a Table, use a Looper with internal window, it's available on windev mobile 23
the only thing it's that the Looper can't have anything on the control, go to the description of the looper then select the content tab, now check the "Use an internal window per row (LooperAddIW function)"
with this you will allow to use the following function

Now here's the source:

to know how it works

with this you could do whatever you want on the IW passing every info by parameters, and you will keep the events of a looper too!!!
I'm still trying how this works together with the ATT, IW and Looper.

You can even put on the IW a Layout to play with the height of the IW on the looper to look even more cool!

hope this help
Sorry I can't have an answer about your issue but you metion a IW on a Table so this idea of Looper with IW I see it more useful.

Good Luck!

Best Regards