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fRead returning only hex 1A characters
Started by ClaudeHullq, Sep., 13 2022 11:57 AM - 2 replies
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Posted on September, 13 2022 - 11:57 AM
Using Windev Mobile 27 in an Android app:

nFid is int = fOpen(gsPath+"textfile.txt",foAnsi+foRead)
s is ANSI string = fRead(nFid,100)
info(s) shows a block of Chinese characters

shows "..." all hex 1A characters

But in simulator mode the correct text is displayed in info(s).
Is this a flaw in Windev or my Android SDK or what?
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Posted on September, 29 2022 - 5:51 PM
Same problem with the WM27.
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Posted on October, 05 2022 - 12:27 PM
Hi. The Chinese characters may be for using an ANSI string since in Android and IOS the strings are of Unicode type. That's why in the simulator it looks fine, since on the desktop the strings are ANSI by default. What does it look like when using fLoadText instead of using fopen and fread?