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Contract Software Developer for Hire
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Publicado el 27,noviembre 2021 - 17:25
I am expert in Software Development and have been doing Contract Software Development since 1992 using multiple software development tools and currently using PcSoft products for contract development.

I am currently looking for any new contract work that is either short or long term which can be done remotely - I have not physically met most of my previous clients - but have completed work in the UK, US, Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and European countries via Remote Work.

I am also the Reseller and Trainer for PcSoft Products in Southern Africa from 2011 and am currently using Version 27 products - prefer to work in English.

I am expert in Design, Development, Support and Training and multiple databases from Oracle, MSSQL, HFSQL, MySQL, etc as well as Developing APIs and Services.

My email address is support @ windevsa . co . za for any queries or offers.

Kind Regards

Ben Dell
Riebens Computers Pty Ltd
South Africa Windev Reseller and Support
Publicado el 15,junio 2022 - 09:17
A software developer for hire is a person who, for a fee, will create and modify computer software according to the wishes of the buyer. The software developer gives a written guarantee that the final software product is fit for its intended purpose, usually without legal or product liability. The buyer may specify and design the software before contracting the developer by using some low-level software developer tools, such as pseudocode.