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PROBLEM: string values from database padded with blanks (OLE DB / ODBC)
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Publicado el 04,octubre 2018 - 10:34
Connection type: OLE DB / ODBC
Database: Ms Sql Server 2012

When I read the values of string columns from the database, the returned values are padded with blanks to the full size defined in the analysis.
The strings in the database are stored correctly without blanks at the end of string. (If I run the len query in the database: 'test 1' length is 6; 'test 123' length is 8).
But when I get the values and display them in the table or form, all strings from this column in database are same size (the length defined in the analysis) - blank characters are added at the end.

QUESTION: which 'Extended information' in the 'Advanced' tab of Connection information should be used to avoid blank padding of database strings ?
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Publicado el 10,octubre 2018 - 15:29
Why not use the function NoSpace("string", sscRight) ? Don't know if it can help you, or if you already tried this.. ;)
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Publicado el 11,octubre 2018 - 09:56
Thanks for your suggestion, but this only solves the individual string padding after it has been read from the database.
I would like the driver to perform this action instead of running such code after each read from the database.