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« Hello, Version 24 "Update 2" is available (240077F). You will find the download link here : https://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >>PC SOFT… »
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« Hi, I try to create a user account via LDAP(s). The connection works, but I can´t create the account. Perhaps the problem is the password because is has to be a unicode string. T… »
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« We are getting an error in the data tables. During operation, data from some tables is missing. We have no way of recovering them. An error that occurs when we try to physically op… »
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« hello everybody since 10 days I get this error message when I start Windev and Windev Mobile I click on "No" and everything works well, but I don't understand the reason...… »
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« I know there are a couple examples of TreeViews in the examples. The one that shows expanding the nodes, etc will be useful, but I need to be able to take a table control that show… »
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« Hi, I'd be very grateful if you could help me, I'm using an HFSQL client/Server version 23. I'm facing a unique problem, for example I'm trying to run a query "Select * from user"… »
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« Using WM24 I'm trying to view PDF files my app has created. Under ios, I can simply assign the PDF to an html control and it works perfectly. This does not work in Android. I'm cre… »
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« I'm using WinDev to process lab testing data, delivered by a Siemens PLC (300 series) over TCP. I do not use the OPC server software of Siemens, but I use direct communication betw… »
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« Hi All WebDev 23 - Dynamic site. Any easy, nice way to allow a user to pick a colour either from a pallete or from a preset list of colours (e.g. the WB colour constants) ? Than… »
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« Hello guys, I want to share Profe Lipe's channel, which is teaching us from scratch to the program on windev, also on his channel you will see other more advanced videos and the co… »
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