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V24 windev mobile and lack of features
Débuté par Dario, 30 nov. 2018 18:55 - 1 réponse
Posté le 30 novembre 2018 - 18:55
NB. This post is only to share an opinion and to understand if I'm the only one that thinks in this way...
During the last three years, I've started using windev mobile for the development of Android and iOS app for a lot of business needs. In these years I'm falled in love with this product and the speed and productivity that you can achieve, and the good level of the final product.
Obviously, the product is not free of bugs and lacks a lot of feature that you can add using native code.. and this is not so difficult.
But, if you work on the mobile platform, the market is very different.. you need speed and features at least 2x times faster than in any other environments. And here is the problem. Also in windev mobile pcsoft apply their bad choice of release a very useful new feature only for one platform and, in the next release, also for the other.
The big example is the introduction of native JSON (that in the modern world has to be in the framework since v20 imho) only for iOS! For Android you have to wait v25.. so, if you want native JSON on Android you have to wait December 2019... It is unbelievable! At that time probably project fuchsia became public and framework like flutter dominate the market.. how do you think to manage a framework with big potential like windev mobile in this way?
I think that except for the animation, windev mobile is the best tool for cross mobile development on the market.. but simplify coding and add features that provide integration with services (rest) and native platform is mandatory for the mobile market.. and 1 year in this market is a very very long time.. too long in my opinion
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Posté le 07 décembre 2018 - 14:05
Hi. I can't agree with you more. WM is powerful in quite a few aspects but it has the drawback that it is always behind the evolution of the market. Other tools like B4X don't have such a good IDE, but they have a community and a support that allows them to be always updated to any change or evolution of the market. With WM we are always dependent on the speed of PCSoft to correct bugs and add new features. In WM23 I have submitted no less than 5 serious bugs in the framework where certain functions only worked in the latest versions of Android but not in older ones such as 4.4.3 which is supposed to be supported by WM23. PCSoft's answer was that they no longer tested the framework in older versions of Android... If you add that with this version WM23 we have not had any update since July, that there are hardly any patches for the English version (compared to the French) .... before the insecurity that this generates I am porting my application to B4X. Flutter is too far for me, but I think it's a fantastic option too.


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