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Charter of WebDev NG
Débuté par The moderator, 15 juin 2001 22:01 - Aucune réponse
Posté le 15 juin 2001 - 22:01
Charter of WevDev NewsGroup

Welcome to the professional WevDev NewsGroup (abbreviated NG).

WevDev is an Integrated Development Environment used to develop interactive
sites for Intranet or Internet.

This WevDev NG is dedicated to techninal features.
The aim of this NG is to make the experience of other WevDev developers and
project managers available to everyone.

To ensure the professional side of this NG and to avoid the current problems
met by public NG, this NG will be "moderated".
Messages sent to the NG will be read by a PC SOFT associate. Messages
irrelevant to the subject will not be issued.
The information volume will be supervised and 100% useful.

PC SOFT may take part in this NG, to answer questions or to bring additional

Please comply with the rules when exchanging information on the NG:

Message topic

To increase readability and efficiency, the use of tags is strongly advised
(for example, to specify the version number or the additional module).
A few examples:

[WB10] How can I get the list of available printers?
[WB15] How can I browse a file with a condition?
[WB15Dep] How can I modify the number of users connected to an
[WB15][AS400] Do views operate with native access?

The topic must be explicit: the message contents must be quickly identified
by the other users.

Message body

To improve the exchange of information, messages must be in Text format and
must not contain attachments.
To provide source code containing more than ten lines, indicate a link to a
FTP server on which the file will be present.

We wish you beneficial exchanges on this NG.

The moderator