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Security of pages/site
Débuté par Issa, 08 mai 2017 15:16 - 1 réponse
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Posté le 08 mai 2017 - 15:16
Hello everybody!

I have created I little site to be used by clients of a firm and by manager of this firm.
Depending on user profile they can see different pages.
Clients can see their requests and can send a new request from site (an e-mail) - it's request for a visit to their places without supplying secret info (banking card or payments).
The manager can see a graphic with results of firm (Turnover).
I use in site only Dynamic Webdev pages. I have a little problem : if someone will copy an address-page when a user is connected and he will try to see that page in a different browser (the turnover for the manager for example), that page can be displayed in another browser 10 min more, till the page is active in Webdev Aplication Server.

Can a SSL certificate to solve this problem? My chief (which is not programmer) thinks that it can.
Or which solution I have to adopt to solve correct this situation?

I tried to solve this using cookies. When a user is connecting on site I create a cookie and on disconnecting I delete it. On opening of each page I check the cookie. It works "ok" if the user is disconnected normally. If the browser is closed without a normal disconnection I have a problem.
Thank you for help!

Issa Bej
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Posté le 03 juin 2017 - 21:00
Hi, I saw that you can prevent IP change... at least it cannot be used on another computer. Except if both are using the same NAT server to connect your web server...