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[WB20] ShellExecute issue
Débuté par ARV, 09 mai 2018 17:03 - 2 réponses
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Posté le 09 mai 2018 - 17:03
hi everyone

I have a problem with this function the thing is that yes it prints the document I want, the bad part it's that it doesn't close word here is my code

IF ShellExecute("C:\Test.doc", "print") = True THEN

I can print the document with the default printer but the word shows up and doesn't open just execute the program and freeze then my printer print the document.

this is normal? I don't really want to have that word open I just want to print and then move on with my site.

Best regards
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Posté le 09 mai 2018 - 18:04

I also Deploy my site and then when I press my button on the server click event it doesn't show anything I don't know why

Best regards
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Posté le 09 mai 2018 - 18:29
Hi everyone

I put the function ShellExecute on server and browser

on server it works I guess... It prints but the word shows an error and the doc never shows up
on broswer doesn't work just open a new tab on the explorer and do nothing, not even show word or something just an empy tab. In here I put the path of my doc but it looks like webdev see it like a URL or something I don´t know why

Any ideas?
Best Regards