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V24 Examples Promised - for lowly Americans
Débuté par Stephen, 07 juin 2019 02:06 - 3 réponses
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Posté le 07 juin 2019 - 02:06
Does anyone have access to or know a way to get the WD, WM, WB examples for Version 24 (in French is fine)? I don't even bother to ask (again) from PCSoft as we've received nothing but a blank "not available" to requests for the excluded materials anytime we've asked over the past 13 years.

We have been waiting patiently for the English version 24 specifically for the Sing Page App and Json improvements, including the examples. Like the FIVE different Responsive examples described across pages of the ENGLISH version of the brochure. Most of the examples advertised are not in the English version, including all of the one related to the new features we upgraded for.

In prior years we dealt with this annoyance by extracting from the French install, but now that the examples or not part of the download, we have no access.

We have upgraded every license for each version from 10 to 24 now and subscribed to the French-only LST (with no readable PDF to even allow us to translate) and put up with the hassle of manually translating the interesting pages and working through the French example code.

While the subject on this post is in jest, I have to say that this new aggravation does call into question why after 24 versions PCSoft treats non-French users like second class customers. A core component of the IDE is translation (which we've used since version 10), yet a bulk of materials are excluded from non-French versions. We pay the same price, about $100,000 in licenses and upgrades for our company alone. Just provide the French versions of these materials (and make LST a readable electronic format so we can at least use the translation tools to read your subscription magazine).

If anyone can assist it is much appreciated. In the meantime I'll return to my Rosetta Stone courses.

Posté le 14 juin 2019 - 13:10
PC-Soft's products are absolutely great, but I have to agree..

They should learn what happened to the A380. Great plane, but just became to expensive and airlines are now looking at other options. This could happen to their products if I look at what technologies are now becoming available...
Posté le 17 juin 2019 - 23:17
Are these examples beyond what are available on line by clicking "Open an example" in the startup pane?
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Posté le 18 juin 2019 - 18:23
Yes. The examples, many of which are referenced in the English brochure, don't exist in the English version. I've now been able to get some of them by installing the full French version, downloading/opening the examples and the moving them to the directory of the English version. We have to run 64-bit version due to massive project sizes, so we installed the French 32 bit and as of the last French update found many of the examples. Still a major pain in the neck. There are a ton of examples and components on the French version. I recommend going through the hassle. Just be prepared to feel very insulted once you realize just how much English users are deprived.

We sent two requests to pcsoft, via support and email. 11 days later no response.