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Receive files with a webservice
Débuté par trap, 11 sep. 2019 13:41 - 4 réponses
Posté le 11 septembre 2019 - 13:41
How to save files sent via HTTPSendForm on a Web service developed with WEBDEV or WINDEV?
I send my data with multipart/form-data

thanks in advance
Posté le 11 septembre 2019 - 15:02
you need to use MTOM in your webservice and send the file using that standard
Posté le 11 septembre 2019 - 16:58
Thanks, and with a REST Webservice?
Posté le 11 septembre 2019 - 17:10
NO for that (use MTOM) you need to use SOAP, i would not recommend to use REST specially when you are transferring Binary Data. there are 1000 reasons for that.
Posté le 11 octobre 2019 - 17:10

For the sending of files, either rest or soap, if you are sending images it would be better if you sent it as jpg with 80% quality that greatly reduces the size of the file, you have to encode or serialize.

And in the webservices deserialize or decode.


/// Webservices ////
bufPhoto is Buffer = Decode (vMyjson.fotos [idx2] .photo, encodeBASE64URL)
fSaveBuffer (sPathfoto, bufPhoto)

/// Image Encoding ///
image is Image
image = fLoadBuffer (qry_fotos.PathFoto)
// sFilenamedest =
bufPhoto is Buffer = dSaveImageJPEG (image, inMemory, 50)
sPhoto = Encode (bufPhoto, encodeBASE64URL)