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Débuté par marcov, 08 juin 2021 10:33 - 6 réponses
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Posté le 08 juin 2021 - 10:33

is it possible to build a menu similar to the one in the image?

when the button is pressed, the menu changes shape, becomes "slim" or expands.

Posté le 08 juin 2021 - 15:20

one way of din that is by using a looper with different fields being visible depending on the current 'mode'
and of course, you can change the width of the looper with the ..width property

You can build a fully dynamic menu that way, with all the content defined in the backoffice
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Posté le 10 juin 2021 - 12:43
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Posté le 11 juin 2021 - 17:07
to view the insertion form after clicking on the table, what should I do?
do I have to recreate another page with the menu too or is there a faster way?

Posté le 11 juin 2021 - 17:27
you can put the menu in a page template, and use that template in all your pages (that's the most classic/old way)

You can also have the right side of your page as an iframe and display all the secondary pages in it

You can also have the right side of your page as a cell with multiple planes and build all your 'pages' in it (one page website)

And that's just from the top of my head... I'm sure there are several other ways.

the choice depends on many factors: awp or classic/session mode, SEO necessary or not, direct access to some pages necessary or not, etc...
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Posté le 11 juin 2021 - 18:07
it will not be a site but a software (WEB), so I would say a session and no SEO will be needed,
which solution would you use?
:D :D

Posté le 12 juin 2021 - 12:57
For a web software, I would start by using the one page site methodology, even if I end up with a few different pages at the end (by exemple if there are groups of people doing completely different things on the site, it may be better to have one page per group, with a login page before that will open the righ one per user.

The one page site, if implemented correctly, is nearly as fast to load initially, and is much faster to use afterwards, so the user experience is much better...

of course, be ready in that case to use a LOT of ajax, and to be very careful when and where you load the data.