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Expandable areas with WB11??
Débuté par Jim Carson, 03 jan. 2008 23:39 - Aucune réponse
Posté le 03 janvier 2008 - 23:39

I am trying to figure out how to control expandable areas on a dynamic WB page.

I know that it does not work with ajax. What I want to be able to do is to have a column within a page, stacked with a combination of static fields and loopers (of the same width).

I want the static to expand down as needed and the looper to only take up the space of the records displayed. Then hopefully, I can place a footer that will show up immediately following the last looper record or static field. End result is not to have blank areas in the column.

This is not documented well and I am spending a lot of time testing and trying different combinations of row heights. And can't find a consistant solution.

Any help will be most appreciated.