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« How to navigate table and select table records usign keyboard keys in WebDev (ajax mode)?… »
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« I had to downgrade to my previous situation after the last update. I was having several serious connection problems. Regards.… »
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« As in http://forum.pcsoft.fr/post.awp… it seems dificult to solve this bug, once it exists from the initial release of webdeb 12. Regards.… »
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« Gaarna heeft of liever gezegd wil iemand voorbeeld programma's sturen van windev. Dit om sneller met windev te gaan ontwikkelen en om te zien hoe de proramma's er uit zien met wind… »
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« I need to show in a tooltip at runtime several data that I have previously saved in arrays on the server code. How can I get the data in those arrays so I can use them on my jscri… »
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« Hello everyone... I'm trying to add the following line to the body tago f a page: <script SRC="/user/res/wz_tooltip.js"></script> But cannot find how to modify the bo… »
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« How to detect if user was disconnected after iddle time? Cause I'm using my own login, need to detect if user was disconnected after idle time expires to present him a login screen… »
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« I have a table with list of files of different type (*.doc,*.xls*.pdf ...) Next to a table I want to have a control where I would display content of selected file. No need for edit… »
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« Hi, I'm new to Windev and I am looking to print (preview) a report from a screen based on the data on the screen only. I have a form designed with data from a datafile in the anal… »
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« Hi How can I un-select items in a multi-select listbox? I have used: FOR ALL SELECTED ROW n OF LISTBOX tmp = LISTBOX[n] to read the selected items, and it works ok. Now I need… »
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