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« Hi, How can I display an image in a table column? I have a column that is not linked to any fields and its type is Image. I want to be able to set the image depending on the value… »
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« Hello, WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile offer component class derivation. A component may contain classes in its interface. You can derivate these classes from the host project, … »
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« I know this question has been asked many times, but I'm not able to configure a webserver in order to work with webdev 12. On my workstation is Vista home premium and IIS 7 install… »
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« Hi, I am trying to read the contact list from Outlook in a WebDev-12 application and display the email addresses in a combo-box. I have used the following code: ----------------… »
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« i'm starting to think buying this system was a mistake. I can't get the RAD to work - always comes up with errors in the code. And Generating a RAD Pattern - I can't find sufficien… »
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« Each of my tales have a "created" and "Modified" field for the date and time the record was created. How can I have both of these fields default to the current date / time? The 'de… »
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« Hello All, Sorry - newbee question. How do I delete unwanted projects in Webdev12. I have created quite a few projects to test various functionality of Webdev12 now when I try to … »
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« Hi, I am making a looker and want to display an entry field, the type of which is determined by a field in the looper itself - it may be a check, drop down, text or multi line fiel… »
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« Hi to all, when I click to "Run test page" button of my semi-dynamic project I get the following message. Error loading SemiData project Unable to load project Problem initializin… »
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« How does WebDev go connecting to exchange via a connector. Syncing contacts, appointments etc. Does it to it natively or is a 3rd party product required. Is one available??… »
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