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« I have recently upgraded to webdev 27 for a big project i am using a menu control that has worked perfectly fine. when i upgrade the menu control click events no longer get called… »
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« In WB27, with the new zone editing, if you try to select an object, the system now cycles through ALL of the underlying objects. It now takes four or five clicks to get to the obje… »
Débuté le 17 juin. 2022 par
« I converted a project from WB26 to WB27 and some pages got really damaged by the conversion. Zones ended up with negative X / y coordinates. And worse the zone X / Y settings are g… »
Débuté le 13 mai. 2022 par
« Hi I do AngularDart development on Windows 10. I'm getting strange behavior with webdev recently. I have to run webdev like this: C:\Users\galankus>C:\tools\dart-sdk\bin\pub.b… »
Débuté le 27 avr. 2022 par
« Background: I have several Popup Pages. One of them is for adding/editing a "Funktion" (Function) and another is for adding/editing a "Verlauf" (progression step) I have a button w… »
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« Does anyone which version of WebDev started to support TLS 1.2 in EmailStartSMTPSession()? I've read multiple posts on the internet that WebDev uses WinInet and Schannel to make T… »
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« Hi Recently I have begun moving away from various services such as Google docs, discord etc for a few reasons (which would be off topic from the conversation) and have began moving… »
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« Hello, Since I am only starting to use Webdev (or any PC Soft solutrion for that matter), what would seem easy becomes hard. In this case I am using a Looper control to display th… »
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« Hello everyone, I've recently started working with Webdev and I've run into the following problem: In Windev there is a SearchAAF property that allows you to display the typical s… »
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« Hi All, I need to call another listening website via a Form post. WB provides HttpFormCreate, httpformSend etc and when executed give no errors. however, it does not open the new… »
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