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« Hi In version23 is introduced the memcached functions has someone any clear sample(not the one in ) about how to use the memcached with queries? Thanks in advance -- Franklin Sa… »
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« I installed XAMPP on my PC where I have Webdev 22 running. When running the connection test to Apache webserver I get an error because the expected path for webdev 22 is c:\xamp\..… »
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« I have created a looper control that is linked to a query. I know that the query is being run because I can check the number of records of the query. I know that the looper is bein… »
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« Do the programs produced by WinDev have a synchronization feature between the database on the HOST and the database on the local HOST Can I use the codec    Python… »
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« Just got Webdev 23 and tried to establish a connection to NodeJS Websocket server. Error thrown by Server is: Specified protocol was not requested by the client. SocketConnect("c… »
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« I Installed Ver 23 WEBDEV APP Server on the same server as Ver 21. Now none of my webservices ae accessible in Ver 23. So I thought better uninstall uninstall the earlier version w… »
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« Hello This is May be Not the right forum, but I still pose my problem... I have, no problem with Wamp, but I can't test a page When I run the Diagnostic From the server, I error … »
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« Hello, i give from PC soft all materials in FR, i need server part of windev in english (everything on DVD is in Francias), where is possible download the EN version ?… »
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« Hello, I have migrated my webdev application from versión 18 to versión 23. When I have an edit control, date type, with a calendar botton linked, If I select "today" the date is m… »
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« Hi I have this code: FileDisplay(sDescarga,"application/unknown",sDescarga) With this I can download and open my file when I'm on testing mode. But if I compile and do it from a … »
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