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« Hello everyone and happy new year, I have to insert a link in an email so that the user receiving this email can click on the link that sends him back to the site. I wrote this cod… »
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« Hello, I have the next error: OLE DB access error. Error Number = 170124 Failure opening connection: Data Source: <> OLEDB Provider: <SQLOLEDB> Detalles … »
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« Hello, I have multiple projects in Webdev Version 23, but I am experiencing an issue in one of them that does not appear in the others. The code that is displayed in the code edi… »
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« Hello All, Why is it that the syntax used will work fine in a developement environment with the same .net framework as production. But once placed on the production server the prog… »
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« Does anyone have any experience building services for providing webhooks in WxDev? I assume it can be done in programming, obviously, but wondering if there is a built-in function … »
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« Hello folks I have a curious issue using the FTP connection secure This happens on my program AND in the FTP demo tool from Windev Projects If I connect to the ftp server with a… »
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« Hi all, We have a Webde vsite with different starting (first) pages. Every client has it's own startingpage.with specific information. Can somebody think of a way to construct an … »
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« Hi All Please in responsive mode I have in Mobile slice a column size of 50 pixel I want that in Tablet mode or desktop mode the size of this column enlarge With anchor I can enlar… »
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« Hi All, we just bought WebDev 24 to find out if it is suitable for our web development. We would like to use Microsoft Azure's appservices to host the websites. The database is Azu… »
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« Hello everybody, with great effort I managed to deploy my application but I have a problem with the HFSQL database server. On the deployment server the data server has a different … »
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