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« Hi All, The image control is not displaying pdf files loaded via upload. But display jpeg and other images. See my code below: ImgFileName, FileName,ImageInfo, Format are string… »
Débuté le 15 mar. 2020 par
« Good morning, i have a site in PHP which i have to update when with old graphics. Inside there are some PHP procedures that I would like to use as they have been tested and tested… »
Débuté le 12 mar. 2020 par
« Hi, when I try to use the Web component control, edit in order to add the html - css - js you cannot save the JS code. Also the CSS seems not in ordre... I have the latest version… »
Débuté le 23 jan. 2020 par
« Hello to all I have a problem like this I have to manage two users who need to interact. I'll explain User 1: starts a procedure which must wait for user 2 to intervene and modify … »
Débuté le 24 fév. 2020 par
« Hello to all it happens to me that I have to intercept the closing button of the page, I was thinking of using the "Closing of Page" event but I realize that this event also occurs… »
Débuté le 06 mar. 2020 par
« Hi all, Can anyone help me with this query. I'm trying to find a value in a column of a table I use the following code but all it returns is the number of the line i'm on in the… »
Débuté le 04 mar. 2020 par
« Hi all, Can anyone help me with the following issue. I've created a report in WEBDEV (RPT_Vehicle_Summary ) which has the following parameters....Pstartdate, Penddate,Pvehiclereg… »
Débuté le 25 fév. 2020 par
« Just installed WebDev24 and when I try to run a test, I get the error: "Error while starting wd240admin.exe" Any idea what's happening? Thanks Mack… »
Débuté le 23 fév. 2020 par
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« I looking for an example on how to implement tinyMCE in a WedDev app.… »
Débuté le 26 jan. 2020 par
« The email I got said to put it on the "file sharing site". Where is that, please.… »
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