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« hi i need to export looper to excel but in my looper i use some ids but i dont want to export. how to avoid the unwanted columns. thanks… »
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« Hi Like the title said. I want to update the info I have on a page, I execute a thread this thread has a loop with the loop I'm always searching new info, when I get the new info … »
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« how to convert string to number i need to convert "1" to 1… »
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« I have a problem with native access to Mysql (server ver. 8.0.12 )with WebDev 23 Vesion 53K "The MySQL client layer may not be installed properly.   No access to MySQL was found, t… »
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« as subject ... possible? regards meikl… »
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« Hi all In webdev 23, how can I convert an image into a buffer and send it via Httprequest? Or if this is not the way, how can I send an image from a table in webdev (in the cloud)… »
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« I am trying to install a REST API on a server and I am getting an error message: The webservice has not been associated with the WebDev account "NNNNN". See below. Can anyone te… »
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« I need to change the color of the button when mouse over… »
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« Good Day I am trying to bring in data into my table. I want to use: FOR EACH ABC WHERE ABC.NAME Contains EDT_NAMES I did look at the help documents and they say I need to use ] … »
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« We have an application using MySQL and there is some sort of problem using time values The records are being created but the time values are NULL. We have tried various formats … »
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