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« Hi there I packaged the WEBDEV 23 project and deployed it to IIS. Through browser access, I found that the page could not be rendered. It returned some scrambled code and HTML code… »
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« Has anyone deployed a php web app with WebDev and changed the .htaccess rules to remove the .php extension on the URL? Was wondering if this would work with a WebDev app? Thanks … »
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« Hi, Does somebody know how to change expand/collapse image (or character) in a menu. I like to change the small ▲▼ into a bigger + and - Regards, Henk… »
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« I am unable to set TabOrder [Page ->Navigation -> Edit] for metatype records. As seen above, Only state and Telephone have Tab orders. Street, Zip Code, Country and e-mail … »
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« Hi, one question, can I use the WEBDEV application server 23 (10 connections) for a RESTFUL Webservice? This is because I want to expose HFSQL files for a web app. Thank you.… »
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« Is it possible to terminate a session from the server code ? When a user logs out of the webdev application, I would like to force a session termination on the webdev application … »
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« Hi, How can I handle a Post Request to my dynamic page and read the entire body ? I'm struggling around with pageparameter, but I'm unable to read the content of the post request… »
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« ladies and gents, i am new to this.. so be patient please. i have a pcscloud account , added a project to the platform, checked out a couple of windows.. .but there is nothing i ca… »
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« Hello: I'm doing a test with a website from the local wired network all ok. But if I connect with wifi from gives me the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. You can help me. Thank you … »
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« Date masks (mm-dd-yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd) are properly displayed in development and deployed to aWindows 2012 server, but when deployed to a Windows Server 2016 (IIS not PHP) dates are… »
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