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« Hello everyone. I need your help with WebDev 20 or 21. I need to use some shortcuts in my proyect. How can I do this? For example: -I want to move me in the tables with the arr… »
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« Hello, Has anyone encountered this error 79, ERR_NO_CURRENT_PAGE_AWP? It happens in an AWP page after migrating from version to WebDev21 WebDev20. In version 20 WebDev the same p… »
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« Hello, In my application I have given one option "Disconnect" where I want to close the current browser. I have used "Browserclose()" function to close the current browser. This… »
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« In the analysis I choose "combo box" but the option is saved as radio button. I set Combo box and validate the field (in the analysis). When select this field again it is reset to … »
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« Hello In my project I have an overview page with links to all other pages. Basically it's just a list. My problem is, when I click a link, nothing happens. It works when I test it… »
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« Hello, We have faced some problems with the network dongle recently. The first question is that our network dongle has 3 licenses but it only accesses one computer, how can we fix… »
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« I need to find out the type of data that contains a column of a query launched with the SQLExec() command, every time I execute SQLGetCol(), the returned value is always a string.… »
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« Hi all, today is my PHP day Noticed following BUGs(?) in the PHP-Implementation of the HTable in webDEV 20 - property ExpandedImage/CollapsedImage is not Node-Independend -> th… »
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« Hi all, i noticed, that the HTable Images for ExpandedImage/CollapsedImage is for all Nodes the last assigned even if there are differnt assignments for each added node. How to f… »
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« Hi all lets have the PHP-Preject deployed as X the Image-assignement is done as the help describes HTABLE_X..ExpandedImage = "/res/X_Image.png" HTABLE_X..CollapsedImage = "/res/… »
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