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« Hi all, How to add/remove Planes at runtime? (it is not meant to adjust its visibility) thanks meikl… »
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« When setting the Paper size to "Custom" and print to pdf it takes always A4 for generating the pdf. If I set the paper size to A3 or letter it works, the only problem is with "cust… »
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« Hi all, I use the deserialize to get an xml file in an array. This works very fine, quickly and less code. But when the XML get more then 3 node levels it's ot working anymore Som… »
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« Good Day Is there a way to create sliding menus eg. https://adminlte.io/themes/AdminLTE/index2.html I want to create similar menu where the content of the page shift like this si… »
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« Hello, I develop dynamic pages and use the INDEPENDENT HFSQL CONTEXT feature, I'm having problems with the connections in the database, every open page is created a new connection,… »
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« Hello A few more questions / problems I have. While showing the correct space between two TextFields in the designer, the browser (any, I've tried with IE, Edge, Chrome, FF) show… »
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« Hi all, I just deployed a new version of a certain website as I have done numerous times before. However this time after deployment an error 46,ERR_UPDATING_SERVER message is disp… »
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« Pretty simple error but hard to find a fix. We have buttons with hardcoded values on the Dialog page: - Save button that closes the dialog with true - Close button that closes the … »
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« Hello All controls on my pages must be in two languages, means they won't have the same length. This leads to some problems to which I hope you could help me out. Problem 1: S… »
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« Hello, Recently we started experiencing database corruption issues regarding .FIC files. When number of users on WebDev application server is large enough corruption occurs. .FIC … »
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