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« Hi I search for this: https://help.windev.com/en-US/… And I still don't get it at all, The only thing I can be sure it's that to display an address that it's not the default one o… »
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« Hi all, just as the subject... i ask, because, if one developer creates multiple profiles for one application and deploys the application successfully, the other Developers have … »
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« Hi all. I installed Webdev and when i tried to do the auto-formation course (to learn a little, because i only used Windev before), i noticed that i haven't the files so i can't d… »
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« There are several reasons I have not purchased PS-SOFT products: - web apps require proprietary server - poor support (for English speaking people) - poor and delayed documentation… »
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« Hi i need to record all action performed by the user.If user modify the record i need to save the old values and new values as well.… »
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« Please tell how to delete column in xls (excel) file… »
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« hi i i need a help. how to delete the column in xls file (excel)… »
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« I have created a simple PHP page for data entry. This test page has two entry controls, one numeric and one for text. When I enter the values, they are displayed correctly (as ent… »
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« hi i need to export looper to excel but in my looper i use some ids but i dont want to export. how to avoid the unwanted columns. thanks… »
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« Hi Like the title said. I want to update the info I have on a page, I execute a thread this thread has a loop with the loop I'm always searching new info, when I get the new info … »
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