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« Hi, I have a Web Dev application published on IIS. I need to change the database connection because I do not have permissions to connect to the test environment. Thanks in advanc… »
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« Connection type: OLE DB / ODBC Database: Ms Sql Server 2012 When I read the values of string columns from the database, the returned values are padded with blanks to the full size… »
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« Hello, everyone! I have an AJAX table with a container column with several buttons inside. How can I enumerate them correctly in WLanguage? I tried different functions like EnumCo… »
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« Having debugged a screen that is being created as a dashborad to include a timetable on one plane it appears that the organizer control is causing the issues. I have the same contr… »
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« Hi All, I have a taxi Mobile Data Terminal (WinCE) using HTTP Request to a WebDev backend. Currently 300 terminals connecting to the WebApp Server running AWP pages. The request r… »
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« Hi all I want to download a file from my server. I create the file and I know the name of the file from my page on browser but I can't downloaded in my page, (because filedipslay … »
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« Hi I want to use this function but I have a special case right know. 1. I want to show to the user some sort of "hourglass" thing, for this I use a Cell and a Image with a gif. 2… »
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« Hello! I'm trying to get information from a REST api using the following code: PROCEDURE RequestREST(URL is string) RDWRequest is restRequest RDWRequest..URL = URL RDWRequest..M… »
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« Hi all! I have a question with this type of control, when I write a wrong date and click another control like an edit or something it's show an alert that the date I type it's wro… »
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« I have a radio button box with several choices (radio buttons). Depending on the input data I need to disable a particular choice (a single radio button, one of several) in runtim… »
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