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« Hi Recently I have begun moving away from various services such as Google docs, discord etc for a few reasons (which would be off topic from the conversation) and have began moving… »
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« Hi I'm a novice in webdev. Terminology, phrasing, and conventions are still in the works. Without the right wording, researching my problem -- with books, Google, and SO -- was u… »
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« Hi all, I am using webdev 26 for development of a responsive system, but I faced a problem with responsive Templates. Please if anyone has worked before with webdev 26 or has occur… »
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« Hi, Since Webdev is still unable to fix the first columns in a table - essential behaviour for tables, Pcsoft ??? - I try a simulation. Put the 2 tables side by side, the left one … »
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« I am trying to get training that is provided by PC Soft for WebDev. The challenge is I do not speak French. Has anyone been through their programming. Does anyone have any ideas? I… »
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« Hi Once we deploy WINDEV on Azure VM , does WINDEV application support deployment via Azure DevOps. In the tag line of WINDEV 25, they mention that DevOps is supported , but i don… »
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« How can I wrap large text in arrow and also change arrow size to wrap large text with changing screen size? Please refer to code below ,it creates arrow but if I increase text then… »
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« Hi All Does anyone know if there is a sliding banner property which allows the duration to be changed at runtime? It can be set in the Details tab | Duration of each slide, but I … »
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« Bonjour. Je suis Jean Daniel, développer débutant. J'ai quelques soucis avec la fonction upload. J'ai une erreur qui ne cesse d'apparaître et qui empêche le chargement de fichiers … »
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« I run some small apps for our staff (a few hundred users total). In the past, I've logged all raw requests, particularly for request methods and payloads sent, and response status… »
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