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« Hello My project was going nicely and from one moment to another i lost the ability to update data to the tables. I´m usisng SQL Server. When i add new data the record it add´s b… »
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« hi, i m becoming crazy with this, i ve the SAME table in a page and an interne page present in the SAME page, if i add a correct string (xx + tab + ss....) work perfectly with the … »
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« The WEBDEV Concepts manual is available for download (PDF 116p) at http://www.windev.com/ts/download/webdev9/Concepts.htm Wishing you great programming with WebDev 9. PC SOFT.… »
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« Topic: [WB15][WB10]Using data accessible via OBDC from a WebDev site Message from PC SOFT Hot Line This information concerns the deployment of a WebDev 1.5 or 1.0 application us… »
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« --------------------------------- Charter of WevDev NewsGroup --------------------------------- Welcome to the professional WevDev NewsGroup (abbreviated NG). WevDev is an Integr… »
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