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« Greetings to all, a litte off topic question: If I want to buy web dev, do I need to buy also the application server in a development environment?... Thanks a lot… »
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« Hello, WinDev and WebDev offer the translation of item names. If the end user wants to create his own reports and queries, he has to use the file and item names used in the analy… »
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« Hello, WebDev offers the ..URL properties and ..Value properties on iFrame. These properties let you dynamically change the content of an iFrame. This way, you can dynamically di… »
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« Hi All, I'm new to Webdev12. I find that the data in an analysis is accessable only in the project in which the analysis is created. I say this because when I run a simple program … »
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« Hi - very new to WebDev. I'm trying to add a record to a file without having to go to another page to do it. I know an AJAX table can be used to update a field - can it also be use… »
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« Hi, How can I display an image in a table column? I have a column that is not linked to any fields and its type is Image. I want to be able to set the image depending on the value… »
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« Hello, WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile offer component class derivation. A component may contain classes in its interface. You can derivate these classes from the host project, … »
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« I know this question has been asked many times, but I'm not able to configure a webserver in order to work with webdev 12. On my workstation is Vista home premium and IIS 7 install… »
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« Hi, I am trying to read the contact list from Outlook in a WebDev-12 application and display the email addresses in a combo-box. I have used the following code: ----------------… »
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« i'm starting to think buying this system was a mistake. I can't get the RAD to work - always comes up with errors in the code. And Generating a RAD Pattern - I can't find sufficien… »
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