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Trusted root certificate for version 21
Débuté par Ramon, 23 mar. 2021 09:04 - Aucune réponse
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Posté le 23 mars 2021 - 09:04

I'm currently working with version 21 of Windev, without having the chance to evolve to a new version.

I have to connect to the server of a company that uses sef-signed certificates, To do so the company provided me of a certificate CA, qhich I installed as a Trusted Root Certificate in my computer. After doing so I'm able to connect to the server via https using Chrome or IE without problems, but if I try to connect with Windev I get the error message that I'm trying to connect to aservir whose certificate is signed by an entity I don't trust. I know I can ask Windev to ignore such errors but i wouldn't like to do it because there would no point in doing such a connection and ignoring the errors.

1) According to documentation, Windef uses the certificates present in the computer. Nevertheless in version 24 there is a function, CertificatDeConfianceAjoute, which adds a trusted certificate to the application, not the computer. So the question is, does WIndev really use the certificates in the machine or it has its own store of certificates as Java does? Does anybody know if there is a certain way of installig the trusted certificate in the machine so it is recognised by Windev?

2) ¿Is there a way of mimicking in version 21 the same as CertificatDeConfianceAjoute in version 24, even though it is a long procedure?

Thanks and best regards