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« I need to install my WD8 project using this type of installation: "Installation with automatic update (network installation)" (=Installation avec mise a jour automatique). I've go… »
Débuté le 27 sep. 2005 par
« Hi! (sorry for my english!) I have some problems accessing some DBF files (made with Foxpro) from Windev 8. I found myself a little confused after reading the help & docs. It see… »
Débuté le 12 sep. 2005 par
« [WD5.5] show and kill process Message : i want to run agent on server 2003 and once a day kill process "load1.exe" 1.How can i find the handle of this process (to all the users tha… »
Débuté le 05 avr. 2005 par
« I want to get a hashcode for a txt file in windev 5.5, so that it changes, you get a different hashcode. Sort of a digital signature, is this possible in windev5.5? thanks in advan… »
Débuté le 14 fév. 2005 par
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« Hello, When trying to create and run a view a get following error. "Hyper File Security mechanism has been triggerd. The detected error is probably due to hardware problem: Error… »
Débuté le 08 juin. 2004 par
« Using Wendev 5.5, we've tried to convert dbase files using WDconvert. However, we noticed that when the file contains numeric fields it generates an invalid format 999999999.99 mes… »
Débuté le 13 mai. 2004 par
« Hello to all, WindAsso, association of Windev(c) developers organizes from May 24 to August 31 2004 the WIND'OR 2004 challenge. This (friendly) competition will prize the best de… »
Débuté le 03 mai. 2004 par
« Hi, Does anyone know how to retrieve a password from outlook or outlook express. I can get all the information about an account, except his password. I tought this was stored in "H… »
Débuté le 18 fév. 2004 par
« G'day All I am having consistent problems saving reports. The error is in a window labelled WD5xxWDW Error The message is Dyn: Detect problem -> during closing Space Name: CSP1 … »
Débuté le 16 jan. 2004 par
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