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« Hello, I need help in deciding what tools I should choose for building applications for the desktop, web and mobile. I'm looking at Visual Studio and PC Soft's suite of tools. I'… »
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« Hi Im use activex tx text control in my project I do this task: Copy all need activex control dlls and ocx file in app folder Use regsvr32 and registry tx4ole24.ocx , olepro32.dll … »
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« From WinDEV Manual: "The object is created during its declaration. The object is local by default." I have two Windows, Win1 and Win2 and declared Class MyClass //Win1 //Global d… »
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« Hi, I'm working on a projet with windev 20 on win 7 32bit. Today, opening the project, windev crash loading the audit log file. Does anyone know how to solve the problem? Thanks in… »
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« Hi everyone. I'm working on a little project that involves two programs. A server service, and a client program. I want to be able to do a quick call to the server, to retrieve som… »
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« Hi, An update of WINDEV has been made by our development team to cope with a change introduced by the recent "Creators Update" for Windows 10. After installing the "Creators Updat… »
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« Hello, I am working on an old version of the tool which is written in C++. The tool has .mnu files which I am not able to open. The tool was probably developed in 1995- 1997 time.… »
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« Hi WinDev community I'm facing problems when trying to localize into Japanese. Did anybody of you successfully perform such a task and can help me? Searching the WinDev forums and… »
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« Hi friends. You know how to restore the settings for automatic installation of the SDK and Gradle? Thanks.… »
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« Hello, While trying to open the project I am getting the following error message: Unable to load the access DLL <wd180sqs.dll> or the access DLL <wd180sqlserver.dll> … »
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