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« Good day, I am currently running WD14 at my company with a HFSQL classic database and would like to convert it to mySQL. Is there any way to import the structure AND the data in t… »
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« Hi all, I'm trying to read a pdf file into a byte array. On wlanguage, after several trial/error, found that hte buffer variable is the one that matches byte array. Here is my cod… »
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« Hi ICI & Piet Thanks for the hints. ICI, fDir seems to give only the filename, but to find the latest one, I would also need to get the file's timestamp. Piet, I came to the sam… »
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« Hi All, I need to create a link to an external site with the URL coming from a field in my database. I can get it to work from the URL HTTP example if the website is hard coded bu… »
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« Hi, I am having some troubles with an Arduino and serial communications. I found some topics but they are all in French. Can anybody help me to readthe serial data (continous) and… »
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« Hello I need to migrate data from windev rel 5.5 to 7.5 or I need to export this data to excel / csv. Please help me.… »
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« Hi, I am trying to implement a universal replication by programming with a replication server and I am facing a big problem. It seems that the replication cannot happen when the re… »
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« Hi guys, I use Windev12 and I am trying to implement an automatic assisted replication via replication server function in my software. I created the .WER file with replic editor no… »
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« Hi all, i have to use a .net assemblies (framework 4.0) in windev 12. i add it in the project and try to use it but i dont find any tutorial can someone please help me understandi… »
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« I have a WinDev 12 project with a HyperFile CS database and I modified the structure of the analysis on a local copy of the DB. What I did not do, was get a copy of the latest live… »
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