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Frozen Mountain - WebRTC
Débuté par Tony Turner, 18 juil. 2014 21:25 - 3 réponses
Posté le 18 juillet 2014 - 21:25
Hi Guys

Some of you may recall I posted a request on here for WebRTC to be put into Windev, Windev Mobile and WebDev.

I can only wish for it to be in v20 but we can all live in hope ...

I got a reply from Fabrice (I guess he is the man to probably know) who said unlikely and WebRTC is Web based and you can do it in WebDev anyway.

Users want cross platform products, they don't care about the technology, but If a native android WebRTC app is cool then it should be developed ... not all apps should be web based.

How ever the good news with Frozen Mountain you can create WebRTC messenger apps including video and audio and should work fine in Windev, Windev Mobile and Webdev.

I am nothing to to with Frozen Mountain (I am a v11 to v19 PCSoft type of developer and love it) but as a telecoms guy I am quite excited about their offering, even more so I am pretty sure I can use it in PCSoft software.

If you want to create WebRTC or other communication apps in PCSoft Software try https://www.frozenmountain.com/products, I will try in August ...

IceLink is their product

I have never used TAPI in Windev, its a bit old hat, we really need to move onto modern day communications SIP and WebRTC within PCSoft Software ....

While its easy to build socket applications in Windev its very hard to build audio and video streaming applications and I mean stream audio from Andorid to IOS to Windows to Webdev because there are no streaming functions cross platform.


Posté le 18 février 2015 - 15:06
Hi Tony,

Did you tried something using PCSOFT products and WebRTC ?
I have V20 but nothing new about that !


Posté le 09 octobre 2017 - 14:35

Avez vous de nouvelles à propos de ce sujet?
J'utilise windev V20 et je suis bloquée depuis des mois.
J'ai pas trouvé des exemples d'utilisation de frozen mountain avec windev.