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Paper Error
Débuté par miked, 03 fév. 2017 11:50 - Aucune réponse
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Posté le 03 février 2017 - 11:50
I would like to have some help on a mistake.
I am sorry but I will explain without too much detail precisely to know if someone has had the same worries.
An application that I developed from multiple paper press worked very well. Then when converting to version 22 the application crashes (see image below) and the message tells me nothing more.
To know:
- this crashes when I accumulate twice a screen printout (so a picture) with the keyboard key Impr-ecran.
- On text copy only any error.
And where it is strong, it is that the application works impeccably, without crashing and even pressing unceasingly the imprint button in TEST mode. This only crashes once exe GENERATED and EXECUTED ...
Is it a problem during the generation? Yet nothing has been changed on this side ...
I hope that I explain well and thank you for your advice ...

Michel D.