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Error initializing the Developer Control Center?
Débuté par Ola, 03 jan. 2018 13:21 - 1 réponse
Posté le 03 janvier 2018 - 13:21
Hi all,

I played a little with the Control Center. No problems. Did something other. No problems. Deleted from the desktop the shortcut to WD19 (leaving there the WD21 shortcut). Did something else. No problems. Opened my main WD21 project in WD21, got the following error message:

A fatal error occurred while initializing the Developer Control Center.

Error details:

The data files of Control Centers cannot be created in the (project's test data directory) directory because this one contains some data files that do not belong to the Control Centers.

We strongly advise you to stop the loading and to correct this error.

Do you still want to continue the loading?
Yes No

If I select "No", the project opening is aborted. If "Yes", the project is opened normally, without any further error messages.

Now is this a stupid error message or is it just a lazy/lousy error message? What could be the "data files that do not belong to the control centers"? Just listing a couple of the "non-belonging" files would have given a good hint on what to do...

When I open the Control center from WD21 interface, it opens without errors, and seems to be Ok. Obviously this is the "Developer version" of Control center, even though it is not labelled as such, because it is opened in the development environment...

Does anybody know, what I need to do to "correct this error"?

Best regards
Posté le 18 octobre 2018 - 15:10
Did you find a solution to this problem ?