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HTML Control not working
Débuté par John Fligg, 14 mai 2018 11:03 - 4 réponses
Posté le 14 mai 2018 - 11:03
I have an HTML control and also tried an RTA control. I have identical code in each which is a simple code to provide a PayPal button. This is working in Dreamweaver.

See Simplified Update below for a workaround.

In WB21 the strangest thing happens.

I put 2 tables in the HTML. #1 is a UK PP button and #2 is a US PP button.

If I click on #1 it fails with "Invalid HTTP Verb" but clicking #2 works.

If I reverse the tables exactly the same happens, so it is not the code as both work in different positions.

After a lot of testing and head scratching, even with just 1 table in the code, either that fails OR if 2 tables are present the FIRST occurrence always fails with the 2nd working.

It is as if something needs to be initialized before the code will work.

This fails on my local device and live and I have absolutely no idea why.

Now for the cracker!!!! Put 2 controls on the page and HIDE control #1 and it works!!!!! Delete Control #1 and it FAILS!!!!!

SO there is a way round but it is mad. Any ideas please?


Put an HTML control on a page with PP button code and it does not work saying Invalid HTTP Verb.
Now Put another control BEFORE that with code in and the 2nd button works but not the 1st.
Conclusion .... For it to work you need 2 controls on the page, both with code but the 1st button hidden.

That makes no sense but it's true.

Posté le 16 mai 2018 - 09:07
Hi John,

my constant advice is to send a detailed problem report to PC Soft's Tech Support. Sometimes it helps and we experience improvements in updates or next versions and many times it does not help. Anyway, just send a problem report ...
Posté le 16 mai 2018 - 12:05
Well normally I would. However I am on Wx21 and as Wx22 (even Wx23) is now the latest version they refuse to help!

I have constantly for years argued that this is the worst support policy I have ever come across. I feel like I am being blackmailed into updating every year. So last year I took a year off updating.

Last time I sent them an email saying that this type of thing only helps the product and they are cutting off that line of feedback. But the standard answer is always the same.

Try compiling with the LATEST version and if it still fails send it in but we will not look at old versions.

So despite being the best product on the Planet with Support that totally sucks it rings alarm bells for me. So as far as I am concerned I believe I have come across a bug (in fact I have 5 more items on my list) and the product will carry these through forever. So be it.
Posté le 16 mai 2018 - 14:04
-OR- you could look at things in another way:

This is not a forced upgrade fee, it's your regular maintenance fee that just happens to ALSO include upgrade

I'm pretty sure that you do something similar with YOUR customers:
if they pay a rent or maintenance fee every year, you support them, if they don't, you don't

Why should it be any different with pcsoft?

Another point I'll like to make here (and remember that I have NO special relationship with PCSoft, I'm just a regular customer, not even a reseller):

From the top of my head, I'm paying each year about 1200€ in upgrades (for all products+webdev server+wdmsg)... that's less than 4€/day.

Now, if you refuse to pay less than 4€/day as the cost of doing business and having a support, it looks to me like you are cutting your nose to spite your face.

But hey, that's just me.

Best regards
Posté le 16 mai 2018 - 16:02
Thx but just to make you aware. There are some special circumstances like health etc that can affect inability to pay.

Also what if Sales are not coming in but you want to keep up with the product and spend the downtime in Development. Can a business then justify such costs?

So whilst I appreciate the product is great and not complaining about the cost of upgrades, there can be circumstances that restrict affordability but you still want to contribute to the Company's products.

Remember, I am not seeking help but suspecting a bug that I have spent a lot of time reproducing 100% of the time. So I am convinced this is not operator error or stupidity but an actual issue. The same goes for the other things I have found. I have test apps for each one.

Yes if my Clients do not pay a Maintenance fee they do not get Priority support but I NEVER tell a Client I refuse to look at a bug they report. If I find it is User error I just point them to the Help file.

So far as I see PCSoft are simply cutting off their own noses to spite their face. It gives the IMPRESSION that unless you pay what they demand they do not want to know you. The amount is irrelevant. It is the impression they do not value you as a loyal Client.

But of course I have been around long enough to know that different Nationalities have different approaches and my girlfriend, who spent several years working in France, found exactly the same attitude.

It is very frustrating so I always recommend PCSoft in terms of their product but always make people aware that to get support they must commit to upgrades every year. And that is why PCSoft end up losing a lot of potential Clients I know factually. Those who want to subscribe for the first year but not in a position to justify upgrading the following year.

Anyway end of rant. Sorry if I have offended anyone.