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New EmailPDP version 23.
Débuté par Aad Gouka, 14 mai 2018 14:19 - 4 réponses
Posté le 14 mai 2018 - 14:19
Hi all,

I read something about iDestination and EmailPDF, that let's you send a report directly to your
standard emailprogram. Does anybody kow if the function iParameterExport can be used together with EmailPDF, so you can send the recipients address, sender and subject with the report as you can do with iPreview.

Best regards,

Posté le 14 mai 2018 - 17:20
It implies here that you can do:

See the "Note" at the end of the iEmailPDF description:
Note: You have the ability to configure the elements of created email with iParameterExport.
Posté le 14 mai 2018 - 18:34
Hi Darren,

Thanks very much for your reply. This is what I was looking for.

Best regards,

Posté le 14 mai 2018 - 21:15
Unfortunately it's still not possible to print in htmlwithoutcss for a report direct as E-mail body
Posté le 15 mai 2018 - 10:06
True.It would have been nice if they added this feature as well.