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Multi Platform RAD of the future for composite business apps
Débuté par Dutch Developer, 15 mai 2018 23:08 - 4 réponses
Posté le 15 mai 2018 - 23:08
Build apps without writing code using Power Apps | Microsoft Dynamics 365
Posté le 16 mai 2018 - 00:48

There are other products like apian that do a lot better. Also no or low code. However if you really need something special stick with wx .

Or go to outsystems or Mendix ( No or low code platforms , if you can spare a bug )

Posté le 16 mai 2018 - 06:31
Dear "Dutch Developer",

"read my lips": there's is no RAD on the market which produces high quality applications without additional coding / testing / documentation / quality control and maintenance. Full stop. Boils down to the old saying: there's no such thing like a free lunch!

I have several Wx-customers who are using / selling MS Dynamics - but with WINDEV / WINDEV Mobile and even WEBDEV add-ons. If such a RAD would make those add-ons in a snap, believe me, they'd use that MS RAD.

The claim of many RADs is to produce full-blown applications, ready to deploy. In the best cases RAD (e.g. PC Soft's RAD 11) can go as far as to make a somehow running application, but not farer than that. It may suffice for the need of a quick and dirty application. We can adapt up to three RAD11-windows per day. I tweaked the MDL files, translated them to German and I made a cook-book where one can check all of the needed add-ons and adaptions to each type of window. But: there's is still a lot of code to be added.
Posté le 16 mai 2018 - 15:56
Hi Allard, Mendix .. they're starting at 1875,- Euro ... not per year, that would be too easy ... it's per MONTH! and it goes up to 7.825,- / MONTH. That's something ...
Posté le 21 mai 2018 - 13:52
Hi Gunter,

You are wrong. You should really do your reasurch before stating such a claim!!

There is low code and no code software as I stated.. Mendix uses BPM Business Proces Management ( Schema's to generate code )There are companies that I know of that have produced business apps with no additional code.

So This is not really RAD like the windev RAD. It is develoment in a whole different way. It can be used for very specific tasks

Next to Mendix there is salesfors. slast time I checked 2 tupes of developers Where the first one only configures the system no code at all.. . To make real business apps

Pricig. All to expensive ... Look Again

https://www.appian.com/platform/pricing/. Low code BPM softeware starting at 90 Per user.
Outsystems gives you Free develoment up to 10 Users ( Per app )
Mendix has a free limited version as well

And There are tons of similar products all based on BPM In italy there is a product that had both a tool for web and one for mobile all done with BPM and costing opprox 300 euro per year per developer (

With these products generating verry cool dashboards etc that work on web / mobile / tablets Native as well ( generated via phonecgab in the cloud)

Ok Im still a big fan of pc soft wX products... Not of the RAD .. But there are no and lowcode plafforms that do outperform WX. it is just a fact..

Because of the easy language
nice visual stuff.
Great IDE !!