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Webdev Multisafe Pay
Débuté par Parianos H., 05 juin 2018 12:12 - 5 réponses
Posté le 05 juin 2018 - 12:12
We have a small web-application and need the implementation of an online payment system (We use Multisafe pay)
Any body who can assist us for this small project?
Parianos Henri
Posté le 05 juin 2018 - 15:06
I have never used multisafe pay, but my experience with online payments is that it is NEVER a small project...

The test/debug cycle is extremely slow and painful, as you need to publish your site for each correction, and get the result as a log in a trace file to be analysed...

So the best thing would be to find somebody who used that EXACT payment system before and has working code for it. Just don't consider that even adapting that code to your site is going to be trivial... There is a very good chance that it wont.

Best regards
Posté le 05 juin 2018 - 16:24
Hi Fabrice,
Well We have a small web-site and we have made the necessary adaptations and programming work but it is not always stable.80% it works and 20% no.
We using a threat to make the call to the provider and then the provider handles the payment and within our threat get the status of the payment. Cancels, ok, or time-out.
Well our site from time to time and with no any possible reason closed and the payment handling does not always happened (is not detected by our site).
On the side of the provider everything happened ok but our app with no any reason close unexpected
This is our problem
Posté le 05 juin 2018 - 19:46
a thread?

You are using a separate thread to manage the payment? From inside your webdev server session? WHY?

Well, one immediate potential problem is the session timeout...

If the payment takes too long, the session time out will just kill your session (as nothing on the user side is happening)...

It's a very strange way of implementing a payment solution on the web, as the user is supposed to be on the payment site paying during all this time, so not doing that in your main session is strange.

But a second problem arises from that... Am I to understand that this is a CLASSIC web site (not awp) and that you try to make the whole thing work from inside the webdev session, without the use of awp pages for callback?

Because, I SUPPOSE, once again, that the payment site is doing a callback at the end, as they usually do...

Now, if THAT is the solution that you have implemented, you DEFINITELY will have a timeout problem...

Best regards
Posté le 13 juin 2018 - 16:09
Hi Fabrice,
I'm answering on behalf of Henri Parianos.

It used to work perfectly like this with the background thread, but for some reason it no longer does.
But we've now rewritten the payment module that it no longer uses the background thread to keep the session open and the order is now fully processed by the callback to an awp page.

A bit of history how it used to be to answer your other questions:
It used to be a classic website originally started in WebDev 7 without AWP (it didn't exist yet). We originally used this thread to keep the session open + a combination of ASP for callback to make Ogone work, but we no longer use Ogone. The background thread was necessary to clean up the basket when the customer never returned from the payment provider. At that time Ogone did not have callbacks for cancelled payments if the customer just closed his browser.
Yes, we are now using AWP pages for callbacks from the payment provider MultiSafePay. When we get a positive callback from the payment provider we let the background thread know that it was succesful and it processes the order. But we no longer use the background thread any more.
Posté le 18 juin 2018 - 17:09
We've implemented Stripe for payments. Way better than Paypal. Very nice clear API and low fees.