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[WD22] Link in a Table
Débuté par Michael Drechsel, 07 juin 2018 10:42 - 4 réponses
Posté le 07 juin 2018 - 10:42

how can I put a control with a link in a Table ?
The feature ..URL works only in a report ?
Any ideas ?
Posté le 07 juin 2018 - 11:13
Hi Michael,

maybe, use an internal window with a button or static on it and the link in each. Use a looper instaed of a Table control? There should be a way to mark "links" within text ... I'll have a look ...
Posté le 07 juin 2018 - 11:17
Hi Guenther,

In a report I can define a Item:

Item..URL= "www.windev.com"

The user see "Blabla" and click it and he see windev.com

The same feature is IMHO not possible in windev table.
Posté le 07 juin 2018 - 13:10

try that:


I'm not sure if it works inside a table, but the pther functions (color and such) do, so there is a good change it will.

Best regards
Posté le 07 juin 2018 - 13:30
Hi Fabrice,

nope. The table must be exportable into excel with the links.

I tried now the HTML control, it seems to be the solution. I´m fighting with the syntax:


It works in the table, but when I export the table into excel the user see the full url and not only the word "link".

Any HTML gurus here ?