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Looking for Family History application
Débuté par Jeff Graham, 14 juin 2018 15:27 - 1 réponse
Posté le 14 juin 2018 - 15:27
I have a client who is looking for the following:


GGG is a family corporation that maintains the old family farm in Junction

City. There is some interest in creating a "Searchable" Archive of Family

History that could be accessed by Family Members and maintained by a Family

Historian. Since the family has grown to hundreds in recent generations the

potential volume of Documents and Images is fairly large. Currently the

file I've seen is only about 10gb but it could easily be 10x that.

Any ideas for an app. for the problem.
Posté le 14 juin 2018 - 15:35
Hi Jeff,

If I understand correctly, they are looking for a distributed (or at least remotely accessible) Electronic Document Management system...

So you could use my WXEDM (opne source) as a basis for that and customize it for them.

Best regards